Thursday, April 13

Daily Farm Photo: 4/13/06

The Forest Floor Is Blooming


    More flowers? It definately helped Thanks soooo soooo much :)

  2. oooh pretty! What are they? We don't have those on the West Coast, I think.

  3. Lovely! Qu'est-ce que c'est?

  4. Hi Alisha,
    You say the most wonderful things. "Butterfly faith"--I love it. Thank you.

    Hi Clare,
    My pleasure. One can never have too many flowers, can they? (Even if they are on a computer screen.)

    I took a walk up the wooded driveway last evening and must have seen a dozen different types of delicate wildflowers blooming. It was such a lovely surprise.

    Hi Nerissa and Berecca,
    Oops. I knew I should have figured out what kind of flower this is before putting up the photo.

    I'll see if I can dig up my "Wildflowers Of Missouri" brochure. In the meantime, anyone know what it is?

  5. Yep, no doubt about it -- spring is my favorite time of year! New brightly colored greens all over along with splashes of other bright colors.

    Hope your day is going well.

  6. Better website link:


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