Saturday, April 22

Daily Farm Photo: 4/22/06

Lamb Love

Lamb Report: Apparently every night is Alice Cooper night on Non-Stop Classic Rock radio. While we were feeding hay yesterday evening he played "a serious amount of Led Zeppelin." As we headed to the barn for a midnight check, Joe said, "I think the music is working better at scaring off the coyotes than the giant spotlights shining onto the hillside--I don't even want to come down here." There is at least one diehard rocker who is enjoying what is (despite numerous attempts to prove otherwise) the only music station that will come in on the ancient, scary barn radio. Check back later to find out who it is. Current Lamb Count: 16. Number of sheep more than ready to be sprung on spring grass today: 50.


  1. Hard rock- now that would be a good, somewhat-safe pesticide (for the coyotes).

  2. Hey Farmgirl!

    Brett and I are sitting here wondering why the smallest lamb has a looong tail, and the others don't. My guess: they're born with long tails and apparently you lop 'em off? (Or have it done) And Brett's guess? It's some strange, exotic animal! (Brett's not much of a nature person! ;-)

    BTW- is anyone else finding they can't publish comments in IE? I keep getting a failure on the word verification at the bottom...


  3. I love the little small boy with the tail.

  4. I grew up on a sheep farm and there is nothing cuter then a lamb born in the spring, so cute!


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