Friday, April 21

Daily Farm Photo: 4/21/06

It's Always So Nice To Come Home

Lamb Report: Had unexpected overnight off-farm delay, which means sheep were subjected to 38 hours of Non-Stop Classic Rock confinement. Everyone survived, though I'm pretty sure I overheard such phrases as "torturous," "totally unacceptable," and "borderline feedlot conditions" when I went to free them out into the barnyard upon our homecoming late this morning. I have the distinct feeling I may never be able to lure them into the barn again. Current Lamb Count: 16. Number of mothers-to-be who thankfully kept legs crossed in my absence: 7. Number of farm mysteries to solve: 1 (bad ass beagle once again covered with dried blood but so far no corpse in sight.) Number of farmgirls thankful everyone is okay: 1.


  1. I was beginning to worry about you. I thought maybe the lure of gourmet pancakes and PBJs had kept you from the farm. I am sure that the radio station can be changed. Do you do requests? Maybe some really, really oldies, like Frank Sinatra, or Dean Martin, etc?

  2. Susan, if you received my post about garlic, yesterday, I think I may have given you the website for ORDERING the garlic. If that is the case, this is the website for a tour of the garlic farm, an account of how they prepare the fields, plant and harvest the garlic and lots of helpful information for growing your own garlic. Now, I want an Indian flute. After you read the newletters, you will understand why.
    Happy reading!

  3. re: bad ass, blood covered beagle...

    River the kitty has orca-like markings and I can tell what she's been up to these days by the size/color of the red-splotch on her chest. I've been calling her River Red-breast.

    Glad to hear everyone's okay.

  4. The one thing about animals is they are extremely forgiving. I bet some nice inticing feed would convince them that even though they don't really care to stay in the barn for hours on end, they will endure it, and survive it too.

    Have a great evening...

    Oh, how does Dan do with the mama's and babies? Do you think he would protect them from predators? I have heard rumor that Donkeys are very protective of thier charges.

  5. That is an odd mystery (at least in my narrow experience).

  6. Hi Vickie,
    Oh you're so sweet to worry about me. Meanwhile I was non-stop worrying about my critters, LOL. Too stressed to eat much while out in the real world. But I did hit my favorite homemade ice cream parlor for the first time this season (they close all winter to torture us). They didn't have my first flavor choice--coffee--but sometimes it's just a mint chip kinda day. Maybe I was low on blue and yellow #2 dyes or something. It hit the spot.

    Hi Mary Lou,
    Hmmmm--I don't seem to have received your post about garlic, but no surprise since that comment moderation (which I was unfortunately forced to turn on) has been a bit of a nightmare. Thanks for the link, though, to the garlic wonderland--sounds fantastic.

    NOTE: Anyone who left a comment during the last week and didn't see it published, please realize that I didn't do it on purpose--and I also received the comment via email (well, probably--see above re Mary Lou's other comment.) Anyway, my apologies! I've turned off comment moderation and am hoping to be able to leave it off. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

    Hi KM,
    I'm guessing Robin took down another armadillo while we were gone, and we just haven't found it yet (ick). She is one tough little dog. Sounds like she and River Red-Breast (too funny) would get along as great hunting pals.

    Hi Heather,
    Yes, thankfully animals are extremely forgiving--especially as I just stuck all the little lambs with needles this morning and docked their tails (and docked something else on the little boys, too, that I won't mention). But they should love me again later!

    Meanwhile, everyone is absolutely thrilled becuase we have turned them out on fresh grass. They've been cooped up in the barn/barnyard eating hay for over 2 months. They are so happy they're leaping and jumping into the air. It's wonderful to watch.

    And of course several of the lambs are separated from their mothers because in the race to devour as much clover as possible, their mothers have temporarily forgotten about their existence. So the babies are crying for their mommies at the top of their lungs--inbetween bites. : )

    We just let them out a while ago, and Donkey Doodle Dandy was off with his 9 wether charges (who have been out on the grass for weeks). We are going to watch closely to see how he is with the babies. Yes, donkeys are supposed to be great protectors/guardians (in response to Bean's question from several days ago which I never got around to answering). That's part of why I got him. The other part was that he is adorable, of course. : )

    Hi Pablo,
    Oh, like I said above, Robin no doubt murdered some other dangerous monster intent upon wreaking havoc on HER farm. But we have a lot of space, so it could be anywhere. All I can say is that hopefully it isn't under the house!

    Hi Alisha,
    No, I don't remember you saying that--it's so cute! And we have rain in the forecast starting tonight through Tuesday. I sure hope we get some. We can really use it. Sounds like according to our "hillside sheep" clouds we're going to. : )


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