Friday, April 7

Daily Farm Photo: 4/7/06

Purple Beet 'Greens' Make A Stunning Addition To Any Salad
here to read more about them.


  1. farmgirl you have to go see this -

    have a great day xx

    p.s that salad is FAB !!

  2. Hi Abe/Happy,
    I think you must have too much time on your hands. (Isn't it the middle of the night down there?) Pretty cute, though. You know I can't resist a bunch of bouncing sheep. But there was no music. . . : )

  3. (This is from my failed attempts to post on your kitchen garden blog) Thanks for the link to Eliot's website, as I knew he probably had one, but haven't taken the time to search for it. I may just have to track down a packet of beet seeds now.

  4. Hi Sarah,
    They are definitely one of the bright spots in the garden right now. I will admit I go out and visit them just to soak up those colors.

    Hi Berecca,
    I was thrilled when I recently discovered Eliot and Barbara's Four Season Farm site. Lots of great info to delve into there.

    Yes, you definitely need to track down a packet of beet seeds.

    Apologies for your comment posting frustrations on my garden blog. Some people seem to be having no trouble at all, but yesterday I was about to tear my hair out I was so fed up.

    I have been messing around trying stuff over there (I also contacted Blogger about the problem), and here are a few things that may or may not help:

    1. Clear your browser cache (or whatever it's called when you empty out all your temporary internet files from your hard drive). Then restart your computer.

    2. Click on the permalink (the time of day the article was posted) of the article you want to comment on, instead of clicking on Comments. Then go to Comments. This has worked for me.

    3. You might also try visiting instead of This shouldn't make a difference, and I've had problems there, too, but it has also worked.

    Thanks for your patience! : )

  5. Ooooh looook at them!!! So pretty...I want a baby green salad NOW mmmm

  6. Lovely! they look scrumpcious

  7. Whooh!
    (I hope we get some greens in these parts; crops are so doomed from all the rain.)

  8. Ew, those are so pretty, love me some beets.

    Did you hear about Johanns new press release on implementing the NAIS. It's in the news section, April 6th,

    I love reading your blog, I live on a cattle ranch in Nebraska. We use to have sheep, now we just have cattle and horses.

  9. I just found your blog and I love it! We recently returned from a trip to my hometown, which made me miss farm life so much, now I know where to get my daily fix. Thanks!

  10. Yep it was the wee small hours of Saturday morning ;-)

    Did you have your speakers turned on or up?

    we had music playing - :-)

  11. Oh, I'm so jealous! I got my boxes started so late, they're just the teeniest sprouts yet. So much to learn...these are gorgeous, and make my mouth water. yay you!


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