Sunday, April 30

Daily Farm Photo: 4/30/06

Robin Is Busted Nesting In My New Garden Bed
(She is totally faking sleep--as if that would make her invisible or something. But each time the camera clicked, she opened up her eyes and looked at me.)

Lamb Report: Racing to get out of the house today, so naturally when I did a lamb count this morning I came up with an extra. And Posh, another first time mother, was cleaning up her brand new baby girl. Both are doing fine. I, on the other hand, am soaking wet and running late, late, late. I believe I once mentioned that
I'm never on time for anything. And speaking of that post, it sure would be nice to come home to a Chocolate Emergency Cake tonight. Maybe Molly Doodlebug will bake one for me while I'm gone. (What was that thud? Did you just fall off your chair laughing?) Current Lamb Count: 20. Number of gallons of rain one sheep can soak up in their wool and then transfer onto one farmgirl while she wrestles said sheep during the Welcome To Milking Motherhood Dance: Feels like about five.

Weekend Dog & Donkey Blogging photo will hopefully be up tonight!


  1. Dogs are so funny. Thanks for answering all our sheep questions the other day - I really appreciated reading all that.

  2. It's hard work being a bad-ass beagle!

    Congrats to And Posh :)

  3. Too cute!! Love your blog!

  4. I love it that dogs play-act for people. We had a neighbor, when I was growing up, whose spaniel,Deacon, had been injured when hit by a car many years before, and still had a limp.
    That is, he had a limp when he knew people were around. If he couldn't see anyone, and you watched him from a window upstairs, he had no limp at all!
    I guess he liked the sympathy!

  5. Isn't that the famous super hero "Robin the armadillo killer?" Who needs Batman? I guess this is his mild mannered innocent beagle disguise.;)

    Laurel, Hardy and Beauregard would gladly share their dish of shrimp with Doodlebug. She's just their type.

    Congratulations Mother Posh! Can't wait to see your new baby.

    Finally, hope you caught up on some cooking and napping yesterday, Farmgirl.

    Felice, Portland, Maine

  6. COngratulations and Kisses and cuddles to And Posh


  7. you can totally tell she is faking.


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