Saturday, April 8

Daily Farm Photo: 4/8/06

BB And Her 1-1/2 Hour Old Baby, Born Yesterday

The circle of life does indeed go on. Welcome to the flock, sweet girl.

What happens when you leave the farm for the first time in a week? You come home to find a newborn lamb of course. (This lambing business is dragging on so long I am seriously thinking about going out every day.)

BB, who is Tana's daughter and whose name stands for Black Beauty, Brown Beauty, and Bouncing Babe (a dear pal's nickname), gave birth to this darling little black girl all on her own and without any trouble. Not bad for a first time mother who is barely one year old. We don't generally breed 6 month old ewes, preferring instead to "waste a year" and let them mature, but these things happen. . .

Now unless we put a fabric "sheep coat" on this lamb (yeah, right), her wool is going to bleach in the sun. As you may have noticed, most of our lambs are born with lots of chocolate chip spots, but these quickly fade. Because BB and her mother are true black sheep (when we shear them they will briefly be back in black), this lamb may stay darkly colored. Time will only tell. Meanwhile, she is very busy sleeping and looking extremely cute. Her little ears flop down in the most adorable way. (You know I don't play favorites, LOL, but I have to admit that I love the jet black lambs the best.)

Of course I find every lamb born on the farm irresistible, including the two new members of the flock you haven't met yet. . . And as for baby names, I'm hoping to get to that this week. Hint: Jeffalina and Lefftey are (sorry, Jeff and girls) not on the list.


  1. Woo! Congratulations! There are still several "Jeff"-names available *hint hint*

  2. Awww!

    That one seems darker than the other babies have. Do sheep ever stay black or is that a totally baby thing?

  3. So sweet. Why don't you name her after Whitey?

  4. Or you could name her after me, Jeff and Whitey- "Lefftey"!

  5. Hahaha - that's funny AND creative, especially for a chicken! I like it.

    FG, it gets my vote. Welcome to our world, Lefftey!

  6. I shed some tears of sadness for Lucky 13 and then joy for the new black baby...welcome to a wonderful farm little one!

  7. I have been into my knitting and washing a fleece so I did not see all the goings on this weekend. I am horrified that someone was stealing your articles. I am sorry I was not in time to blast the fake blogger.

    Baba Black Baby Sheep. How beautiful is that black wool?? I just love that color. So if the Jeff and Whitney name official? LOL!

  8. She'll come around, despite her post to the contrary....

  9. As official representatives of the SNAA, we endorse "Lefftey".

    Thank you.

  10. i was just browsing around your links and i'm so glad you offer one to the splendid table! that is such a wonderful program, and i feel so few people know about it. :) (and congratulations )

  11. what a lovely wooly surpise :-) tooo cute for words !!

  12. Wonderful baby!

    Your blog is such a joy for those of us in the city who long for farm life.


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