Thursday, April 27

Daily Farm Photo: 4/27/06

Color Coordinated In The Garden

Lamb Report: Not much going on when I did a 4am check this morning--just a bunch of wide awake sheep chewing their cuds in time with the tunes and daydreaming about another day at the all-you-can-eat salad bar buffet. When I let them out of the barn today, they were all heading full tilt toward the front field within seconds. The three mothers staying at the Bonding Suite Inn are antsy to get back out with the rest of the flock. Yesterday I picked them a bunch of really lush clover from the garden, and they were happy--for the three seconds it took them to inhale it. Current Lamb Count: 19. Number Of Possible New Predator Killings: 1 (bad ass beagle covered in dried blood yet again this morning). Go, Robin, Go!


  1. You are very fortunate to be able to "wake up and smell the flowers". I'm using this lovely picture as my background today. Thanks!

    Felice, Portland, Maine

  2. The mystery of the disappeared dead predator remants is one for Miss Marple.
    I have a crush on Bruisie's dalmation baby. Would she like to come and live in Pittsburgh in an apartment with 2 indoor cats?
    I will gather her fresh clover daily, on the way home from work. Bruisie and Dan can come visit her, and everything. whaddaysay?

  3. Hi Felice,
    Great idea about the background photo (and you're quite welcome). I put up this one as mine the other day, but it was almost too much in super size. Hard to believe I could ever use "too much" and "flowers" in the same thought!

    Hi Lindy,
    How funny--I just finished listening to the audio version of the very first Miss Marple mystery (My motto is that if you can't read a book, you might as well listen to one. Great while doing the dishes, etc.). Even found the unabridged version, and I don't ever remember reading the book (though I was sure I'd read them all ages ago). Yes, we definitely have a murder mystery on our hands. I'm just glad to know Robin is keeping us so safe.

    Hmmmm. Your offer for Bruisie's (as yet unnamed--yes, yes, I have to make the name announcement soon) dalmation baby sounds very tempting. And she truly is the softest lamb I have ever felt in my life. I will present your offer to her. And if she says no, can I take you up on it? (Dan would come with me of course.) Oh wait. I have a farm to run. : )

  4. Wonderful flowers!

    I love your daily lamb reports and wouldn't mind having a farm life like yours!...


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