Tuesday, April 11

Spring In The Spring

Do You Know What These Are?

They're Even On The Water Pump

Need A Hint?

Click On This Photo To See Who's On Guard Duty

We hear some pretty wild noises drifting up from the spring box this time of year. But the real serenades have yet to begin. Soon. . .


  1. I love it!! My goodness, you are going to be bombarded with the noisy critters ( :

  2. I can't really see what is on guard, but are they really big frog eggs?

  3. That's so cool! I'll be expecting baby frog pictures when they all start hatching.

    I know there are others around here who are partial to the donkey or the llama's or the sheep or the chickens... but I'm a frog girl! (of course I love all the other critters too)

  4. That's neat! I didn't realize what the pics were till the last one! Seems like that little guy is going to have lots of friends real soon.

  5. Aw cute - tadpoles are surprisingly cute with their little faces and super-squishy bodies!!! Couldn't you just hug 'em!? (OK, kidding here...I'd rather give the baby sheep that hug!)

    btw - fancy meeting you here Sherry! ;-)

  6. I want to see the tadpoles when they hatch! :) I just hope they aren't too close to the house, they might get mighty noisy as they mature. But what fun! Spring IS wonderful!!

  7. Ooooh froggies! You should donate some to a kindergarten class. I remember we had little tadpoles and then let them go when they developed.

  8. Oh my god, they are frog's eggs! I love those noisy little animals so much! You'll soon have a concert of croaking critters...


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