Tuesday, April 4

Daily Farm Photo: 4/4/06

Babies Chew On Everything


  1. Good Morning! It's April 4th. Do you know where your gardening notes are? Tee Hee And if you have posted in the time it took me to get from your other blog to this one, thanks!

  2. Hi OA,
    Good morning to you! Thanks for the gentle reminder. I don't know where the time is going (and that 20 hours without power Sunday and Monday didn't exactly help, LOL).

    Lots of notes and photos for the garden blog. I had planned to post something in a bit, but I've just been down at the barn, and (first time mother) Lucky 13 is in labor. Looks like it will have to wait a little longer.

    I also have been wanting to respond to FF comments for several days now (apologies to those who asked questions and are waiting for answers). Hmmmmm. Maybe I shouldn't have started a second blog during the busiest time on the farm. You think? : )

  3. Ahh, how exciting for Lucky 13!!! Looking forward to hearing about the birth.

  4. Thank goodness it's not below freezing or someone's little baby tongue might get stuck to that! Imagine the ruckus on the farm if that were to happen! =:o

    Goooo, Lucky 13! The World is ready for a little baby Jeffallo or Jeffalina! :)

  5. A "Jeffalo" sounds pretty big-kind of like a buffalo. Heh, heh. Maybe you should go for a "Jeffini" instead.

  6. Seeing your woolen babies here inspired me to seek them out at a local county fair. I had the pleasure of talking with a 17-year-old 4-H'er who had three of her sheep there. I never would have thought people would keep sheep in FL. Makes perfect sense that they could considering the insulating properties of their wool. Silly city girl, me. ;)

  7. Well, you do remember having to taste the world around you right? What's the fun unless you are adventurous?

    Hope you are having a good day!

  8. Hi lindy (the chicken) - good point.

    Susan - as long as the name has Jeff in it, I'm fine with it. Thanks.

  9. Teething? Already?

    Or is he trying to make a break for it, a sneak attack on the kitchen where they keep the peanut butter sammies?

  10. Besides being such a picture, I had to laugh at Jeff's post. Wasn't there some Christmas movie where a kid got his tongue stuck to the play ground flag pole? lol. I could not stop laughing. See, children everywhere are the same aren't they!


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