Thursday, September 29

Attention: Farmgirl Has Left The Farm

Up The Driveway And Down The Highway

Yes, it's true. Joe is dragging me away for a few days of road trip fun. Not to worry, my mother (who has five whole days of previous farmsitting experience) and her beau (who has no farmsitting experience but is very brave) will be keeping watch over everything while we are gone. We have left them with pages of detailed instructions, several emergency phone numbers, about 20 pounds of very ripe heirloom tomatoes sitting on the kitchen counter, five freezers full of food, and a nice long list of farm projects from which they can pick and choose.

As for Farmgirl Fare, my mother has my blogger password, and Whitey has promised to help her post some daily photos, because I know some of you need your daily farm fix. (I just might have to find a computer somewhere and get one myself!) So the farm will be here, but I will not be responding to comments.

And even if you can survive for the next few days without us, you should still stop by for a visit so you can enter The Exciting Contest that will be going on while I am gone. Details coming soon!

Note: My mother has declared that not only is she not an early riser, but that she is also still on California time. So if you thought this morning's photo was posted late. . .


  1. Have a great vacation. You can take some pictures and do a little away from the farm post when you get back!!

    Hi FG's mom. I hope your farmsitting goes smoothly!

  2. oh and I was first!

  3. Enjoy your time away, although I bet your mind will always be on the farm. Can't wait to hear about your travels!

  4. Have fun! Can't wait to hear about your travels and the contest!

  5. go, play, enjoy the time away with joe... we'll corrupt, errr, i meant take care of your mom...

    i thought the contest was already on--you know, who's on first... LOL

  6. Dear "Mrs FarmGirlMum"

    How much do i need to pay you for the blogger password.
    I could send cookies.
    And I am fairly competent at surprise food parcels.


  7. Have a nice trip, Susan. Can't wait to "meet" your mom!

    And, Sam, don't be so sneaky! You're packages are very hard to resist. We're not trying to bribe Fred into getting your password out of you!

  8. I do so look forward to your return Susan. Have a safe and fun eventful trip!

  9. Bon voyage! Have a great time.

    I'm going away, too (to visit friends in Tuscaloosa), but I'm leaving the s.o. to do the work. :-)

  10. I hope you packed your blue suede shoes :), enjoy your days!
    Contest? What contest? Sure I get bonuspoints for being foreigner and newbie on the block.....
    And MrsFarmgirlMom, whenever these girls are not behaving, well, you may consider using the very ripe tomatoes for eh....

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. FG - enjoy your road trip! good for joe for getting you away! hi FG mom! i wish my mom was as computer savvy! we'll be anxious for all those photos!

    cara and wendy...darn it girls...i'm going to have to get up earlier to beat you!

  13. nic - you think I'd tell Fred my password?
    I set him up a blogger acc so i know his though
    guess 'sneaky' is apt a definition as any...

  14. Oh, good! I'm so glad you decided to go away after all--not that I want you to go away but, well, you know what I mean!

    Hey there, FG's mom. Looking forward to your posts and enjoy those cookies!

    Way to go, Wendy! Clare didn't even have a chance on this one. :)


  15. Hope you have a great time on our vacation! Have a safe trip!

  16. Try to leave in body AND mind,and stop thinking if everything goes O.K. at home.
    And..Dear Mum.. We have a mutch smaller farm (hardly no work} that needs a Mum too....only, it"s in Holland, Europe that is.So, if you can spare a few days...
    Have fun and enjoy yourselves.

  17. Bon voyage Farmgirl. Enjoy these days far from the farm.

    I laughed a lot by reading all the instructions left for your mom.

    FarmgirlMom I wish you a very good stay in the farm. And if Withney can help you to post, it's great !!!


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