Tuesday, September 27

Daily Farm Photo: 9/27/05

My Sweet Teddy Boy Is Growing Up


  1. First! I'm First!!!! :P

    Teddy is getting Big!! Still cute though ;)

  2. WOW! I was 3 for 3! Go ME!

  3. Wow, he's grown into a sheep sheep. Great face! Thank you for finding my blog and leaving such sweet comment. Do visit again sometime (I promise I'll try to alternate english and dutch, just for the occasional international visitor ;)

  4. How old is Teddy? I don't remember. And Clare, I will beat you to it tomorrow, :).


  5. Hello FG! No silly comments today. *sighs all bummed out that I can not get a giggle of some sort* Have a great day though!

  6. I got my favorite kitty posted on my blog Here . Enjoy and let me know!

  7. What a fuzzball! ;-) I want one!

    And the olive oil in the cake I thought was an interesting addition, too. Cat Cora was raised in a Greek community in Mississippi, of all places, so of course olive oil would be included in pretty much everything!

  8. Do you shear your sheep for the wool? I remember the early morning's down at the farm when we would do that. I couldnt help but get a chuckle after we were done and seeing all these naked sheep!

  9. Oh it's on, Cara.


  10. oooh I just love Teddy. Great Great photo...I have to paint him too. I am thinking after xmas, when I have a break from commission work, I will a series of Farmgirl paintings. That would be fun.

  11. Awwww... Teddy is too cute. He looks so cuddly in this picture.

  12. Are you going to eat him?

  13. Hi Clare,
    Yes, he's definitely getting big. And definitely still cute!

    P.S. Yes, you are my biggest (fastest) fan. : )

    Hi Baking Soda,
    Congratulations on your new blog! I think Bake My Day is a great name. As soon as I saw it, I wished I had thought of it. : )

    P.S. As far as deciding whether to write in English as well as Dutch, I noticed a link in the sidebar at The Contrary Goddess where you can have the page translated into various languages and thought of you when I saw it.

    Hi Amy,
    Teddy was born in the spring of 2004, so he is still growing.

    Hi Heather,
    So, did you mean no silly comments from me or from you? : )
    Your cat is beautiful. Great picture.

    Hi Cara (and Amy and Clare),
    Okay girls, this is not a race. Well, I guess now it is. Just play nice. I don't want anyone falling and breaking their neck trying to get to the farm first. (And no purposely tripping each other.)

    It's going to be very interesting to see what you three do during the upcoming First Ever Farmgirl Fare Contest!

    Hi Cookie Jill,
    Yep, adorable sheep are pretty hard to resist. Well, at least they are for me. : )

    Hi Joe,
    Yes, every year our sheep are sheared. In a good year, we find someone to shear them for us. In a bad year, well, let's just say that there are a lot of 'bad wooldos.' I've actually caught myself apologizing to some of them for making them look so ridiculous.

    You know how Olympic gymnasts and ice skaters make what they do seem so effortless? That's what a professional sheep shearer does. It takes two of us to do the job of one real shearer, and about six times as long--at least. For us, it's a several day process that includes a lot of extremely sore body parts and some very bad language. But there is a definite satisfaction when the job is done (notice I'm not saying 'well done.)

    As for the wool, we used to sell it to whoever sheared our sheep, but there currently is no market for it. My original plan (many, many years ago) was to learn to spin my wool so I could knit sweaters or whatever. So far all I've learned to do with the sheep (besides take care of them) is eat them. : )

    Hi Leigh,
    A series of Farmgirl paintings would be absolutely fabulous! How exciting!

    Hi Kristi,
    Teddy is very cuddly. Such a sweetheart. See the link below to find out why.

    Hi Sam,
    Nope, nobody is going to eat Teddy. He is One Of The Lucky Few. If you'd like to read more about him (and how he got off the Headed To The Butcher List), click here.

  14. Oops. Sorry Baking Soda. Got that link to Bake My Day wrong. This one should work:
    Bake My Day

  15. just look at that face! it's little faces like that which prevent me from eating meat. so sweet....


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