Thursday, September 22

Daily Farm Photo: 9/22/05

Happy First Day Of Fall


  1. Hello Susan.
    I love fall colours. However, where I live its either green or brown. Rarely do we get the chance to see "fall's bounty of rainbowed trees". I am going to have to travel to see it again sometime. Hope your day is a pleasant one!

  2. trees don't change here either :(

  3. Happy to see you got up and posted this morning's photo as usual after we "closed down" the place last night, LOL.

    I love this photo--the leaf itself and the whole composition, and the caption, too.


  4. ahhhh fall!

  5. Fall, today ?
    is it not tomorrow, Sept 23 ?

    Thank you for this beautiful photo.

  6. Hi Heather,
    I, too, love fall colors. Watching the leaves change is one of the highlights of the year.

    Hi Clare,
    Yeah, but everything there seems to be covered in flowers! : )

    Hi Amy,
    I was up before the sun! But I didn't have the energy to build another fence before breakfast. : )

    Hi Chloe,
    Nice to hear from you. Believe it or not, I'm actually in the middle of writing the pita post. Had planned to have it finished ages ago.

    Some of you might be starting to realize that I wasn't kidding when I said it can take a while got get things done around here. Always something unexpected. . .

    Hi Cherrybegonia,
    And they only get better--reds, oranges. . . you'll see.

    Hi Cara,
    Wow I've never made doughboys--they sound pretty yum. Honestly, I'm not sure how long finished dough will last in the fridge. A starter can go for a week or more (before it needs to be 'refreshed') but it's different than dough. As long as it looks okay, your dough might be fine for frying. It's probably a little old for making bread.

    Bread dough freezes very well (as does pizza dough). I make extra Farmhouse White dough, take 10 ounce balls, wrap them in plastic, put them in a zipper bag, and keep them in the freezer for when I want to make bread using the "old dough" method. (For more about how to do this, click here and read number three.) It defrosts fairly quickly at room temperature.

    You might want to stick your dough in the freezer until Sunday. Let me know how it goes.

    And if anybody has anything else to add about saving dough, please do!

    Hi Wendy,
    My sentiments exactly. But the thermometer does not seem to be paying attention to the calendar--it's hot and humid today and supposed to get up into the 90s. Cooler days coming soon, I hope. : )

  7. Gorgeous photo! I love the contrast of the leaf and the background.

  8. Beautiful. I've been wanting to get out with my camera this last week as the weather shifts.

    Cara, I am serious slacker when it comes to timing on bread and I've got starter in the fridge I haven't touched in about a month and it's fine. As for dough, I've saved dough for about 10 days and had it turn out okay. FWIW, my fridge is at ~36 degrees and the dough needs a little more watching during proofing, but it's doable.

  9. Hi Susan,
    Gorgeous! Happy Fall to you too! See, you'll never run out of things to photograph.

  10. I miss watching the change of seasons from when we lived in MN. It just goes from hot to not-so-hot here. Oh well, just means we have to go for a trip somewhere to see some of them brillant fall colors!

  11. I love the changing of the seasons and can't wait to see it get going here. Its a beautiful picture. Have you ever noticed that fall leaves are always so much prettier when they are not in your yard (waiting to be raked)?

  12. NICE!

    BTW, the terra cotta tiles are in my oven now. Hope to begin my chef and starter this coming week!

  13. Hi Alice,
    Thank you!

    Hi Cara,
    Those doughboys do sound like heaven (oh, especially with coffee)--but dangerous heaven! : )

    Hi Kitchenmage,
    Thanks for the helpful info.

    Hi Michelle,
    Well, if nothing else, I can always take tons of pictures of everybody's favorite donkey!

    Hi Alisha,
    Thanks so much. It's still really hot here, too, even though it doesn't look like it should be. Soon. . .

    Hi Joe,
    Wow, Minnesota to Arizona. That's a big change!

    Hi Punky,
    Welcome to the farm! Look all you like, and I won't make you rake a single leaf! : )

    Hi Laurie,
    What exciting news! Be sure to let me know how your bread baking goes.

  14. Oh, No!
    Fall is just a warning for winter! Go away! Great photo though!

  15. "Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower"
    ~ Albert Camus

    Happy Autumn, Farmgirl and everyone else out there! Don't know 'bout you, but it's my very favorite time of the year. Here in the west central mountains of Idaho, we definitely enjoy 4 seasons and are usually inundated with brilliant fall colors. What could be better than the rustle of falling leaves, invigorating temperatures, crowds of gathering birds stuffing themselves before heading south and the delicious smells being carried about on the breeze? Glorious!


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