Wednesday, September 21

Daily Farm Photo: 9/21/05

Donkey Doodle Dandy Loves To Hang Out In Corners


  1. *wild applause from his biggest fan*

  2. no jamie I am Dan's second biggest fan after FG ;)

  3. My sweet stubborn donkey from the 1960s, Sarah Lee, would've been Donkey Doodle Dandy's biggest fan!

  4. Aw.. Dan is such a cutie. I missed a few days posting comments... oops? I had an exciting day yesterday -- read my blog to find out! Susan -- clicking links in your blog is dangerous! I think you have a great sense of humor, even in the worst situations! I read about your encounter with the red wasp in the dress. Those are the nastiest creatures! I kill those buggers every opportunity I get. My experience was with my robe and one of those nasty things hiding in it! OWWIE! And I have the scar to show for it! Have a great day gal!

  5. That's exactly what this horrid Sept. humidity makes me want to do--hide in the shade all day!


  6. Is there any animal you don't have? Too cool - I love the donkey picture!

  7. ohmygod, this is adorable. just when i think the farmgirl fotos can't get any better!??!
    i need to start making a collage of all your pics.

  8. Now I get why he's named Dan.

  9. oh no! bears a distressing resemblance to an old boyfriend...

  10. Hi Mister Doodle Dandy!! You are looking so sweet!

  11. Hello Dan Fans!
    I know many of you are vying for position as Dan's biggest fan (well, second biggest after me of course), but did you notice that Jamie is the only one who gave him a round of applause? : )

    Hi Jamie,
    I was actually thinking about you when I posted this picture of Dan. Then I read your comment (that had me LOL) and knew it might spark a little debate!

    Hi Clare,
    Well, I am definitely his number one fan, but as for the rest of the line up. . . : )

    Hi Jim,
    You might be right about Sarah Lee! I have actually been seriously thinking about finding a girlfriend for Dan. A nice little girl, as Dan, while not a miniature donkey, is definitely a size Small.

    Joe was even amenable to the idea. "At least we'd have something to sell," he said. Then before I could stop myself I blew it and blurted out, "Like I could ever sell a baby donkey!"

    Funny, he hasn't mentioned it since. But I could always surprise him with her, like I did with Dan!

    Hi Heather,
    Another fan for Dan, I see. Oh my, you have been having a bit of excitement. It's not every day that one's ex-husband gets national publicity and arrested!

    Glad you like my sense of humor. I think it is absolutely necessary to have one out here--especially during the worst situations. Of course, sometimes it can take a LONG time until they actually seem funny. . .

    Hi Nic,
    I know. I feel the same way.

    Hi Cherrybegonia,
    Right back at you!

    Hi Amy,
    That's what's so funny about Dan. Right now he has two huts to choose from, but when it is blazing hot, he will just stand out in the sun for hours. I suppose donkeys have been bred to handle the heat, but I always tell him to go stand in the shade or head to a hut.

    Hi Joe,
    Oh sure. We used to have horses, but I much prefer Dan. And we used to have a small herd of cattle, but the only cows on the farm now live in the freezer--with a pig and a wild deer (and some lambs, of course). And before I moved here, at one point Joe had over 40 happy sows who lived in large outdoor pens, where they were able to frolic and soak up the sun and wallow in wallows--like hogs are supposed to be allowed to do.

    I would love some of those adorable white Pekin ducks (especially since they eat flies), but I'm afraid the dogs would, too--plus we don't have a pond. Actually, I could easily see Patchy Cat or Smudge taking down a duck.

    I've wanted guinea hens since I first moved to Missouri and saw them (and learned they eat ticks!), but again, the dog thing. Guinea hens are really neat, and they act as "watch dogs," alerting you to intruders and danger with their cries (which, of course, some people find incredibly annoying).

    Hmmm. I think we've got just about every other animal. Oh, wait. No goats! No desire for them either. I love my sheepsies.

    Hi Mona,
    So does this mean I can tell potential publishers that I have at least one guaranteed buyer for a book of farm photos? : )

    Hi Alisha,
    Welcome to the farm! Wilbur sounds wonderful. So brave, so charming. : )

    Hi Cookiecrumb,
    Nothing slow about you! : )

    Hi Rae,
    So does that put you at the top of Dan's fan list or the bottom?

    Hi Kavs,
    Welcome to the farm! I'll pass your kind words onto The Adorable One. : )

  12. do u have any idea how much TROUBLE you are in!!!!!!

  13. Um, hi Clare,
    What did I do this time? (Or was it something I didn't do? I'm working on The Pita Project. Really. I had a serious tasting research session just last night. Very informative. And yummy!)

  14. Oh Dan! I've been waiting for him to make an appearance.. And he is well worth the wait! he is adorable. I want to give him a big old hug.


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