Monday, September 12

Daily Farm Photo: 9/12/05

One Hot & Happy Beagle


  1. What a big smile!
    What a huge poser :P

  2. Hey, look! The function to allow me to leave my name works again!

    Dogs are great companions and perfectly suited to a rural lifestyle. Does this one have a name?

  3. Hi Clare,
    Dog smiles are the best! : )

    Hi Pablo,
    Congratulations! I guess blogger isn't mad at you anymore. : )

    That's Robin, and oh, does she love farm life. She roams all over the woods, chasing rabbits and squirrels and exploring. She thinks "her yard" is about 800 acres. At night she and Bear keep us and the sheep (and the garden) safe from coyotes and other intruders like armadillos and possums.

    I can't resist posting pictures of her. If you'd like to see some of the earlier ones, just click on "beagle" in the photo caption and click here and here.

  4. She looks hot, happy, tired but that she really wants to be up to noooo good.


  5. Oh!

    I love, love, love! Beagles!

    My grandfather bred them, and when I was a wee bairn, he'd set me down in the grass and I'd literally be rolling with (beagle) puppies!

  6. Robin.."she roams around and around and around and around and around..."
    Seriously though, I miss having pets, and you have so many! Can't wait until I'm out of a city apartment and in a house with a yard to have pets. I'm obsessed with bulldogs for some reason and hope to make one my own someday.
    I find so many people have big dogs in the city and I'm thinking..are you nuts? Forgive me if any of you farmgirl fare devotees do...

  7. I just found your blog today. I love the farm pictures. I live in Springfield, MO. I'm also from California, Los Angeles to be exact.
    I was wondering where in Missouri do you live?

  8. Happy Robin :) It is no wonder she is so life is perfect for her.

  9. Cute doggie. We have a jack russel that loves to lay around in the grass.

  10. Hi Cherrybegonia,
    Up to no good? Little innocent beagle baby Robin? Surely not! (LOL) Stay tuned. . .

    Hi Stephanie,
    Yes, there is something very special about beagles. And so many people seem to have grown up with them. They have a real distinct personality and set of instincts. A friend who had one as a kid came up with what I thought was a perfect description of a beagle: "They're like a big dog in a little dog suit!"

    That must have been so much fun (and adorable to see)--rolling around with a bunch of beagle pups!

    Dread Pirate Roberts,
    Ahoy, Matey! Oh, sorry. You probably get that all the time at parties. Welcome to the farm! Glad you found us. Thanks for your kind words. Sounds like you're set for winter soup-wise!

    Hi Mona,
    Oh, I couldn't imagine life without any pets. Hmmmm. Bulldogs, you say? I think there might be some of those "rescue pet" organizations that specifically rescue bulldogs (if that would be of interest to you). I'm not sure about big dogs in tiny, high-rise apartments either. It's definitely a big commitment.

    Our dogs are so very fortunate that they literally have the run of the land. Robin knows the property much better than I do!

    In the meantime, are you a cat person? Cats are wonderful companions and often don't mind living indoors. And I know there are many, many adult cats in shelters who are incredibly sweet and perfectly well-behaved that will probably never get adopted. If you are not home a lot, a quiet cat like that might work out just fine. Or two. Two cats are better than one. Two dogs are the best! Oh my. I sound like I work at the animal shelter and am pushing pets on you. : )

    Oh, and here's another possibility. Shhhhh, don't tell anybody because it's a secret, but there is going to be a contest soon right here on Farmgirl Fare, and the lucky winner is going to become the proud "owner" of a sheep. So. . .if you win, you'll be able to tell all your friends that you have a pet sheep! (But that you board it out in the country. . .you know, like rich people do with their horses. : )

    Hello Schatzli,
    And the country life misses you and all your amusing comments! Didn't realize you were still stuck (I wonder, can one really be "stuck") in the south of France. LOL, you crack me up about the dogs over there. So wonderful to hear from you. Hope you are enjoying yourself, despite being surrounded by rat dogs. . . : )

    Hi Amy,
    Oh, I don't think Robin is up to competing with Kiri. She simply does not have the wardrobe--all she ever wears are her spots! : )

    Hi Rene',
    Welcome to the farm! Glad you enjoyed the photos. Wow--LA to Springfield, Missouri? That was a big change! Hmmmmm. I live in the southern half of the state. : )

    Hi Leigh,
    Yes, farm life definitely agrees with Robin. : )

    Hi Joe,
    Oooh! I love Jack Russels! And you have one that likes to lay around in the grass? I didn't think they ever stopped bouncing around! : )

  11. Hello again! I promise I wont do muliple posts this time! I have missed a few days of "being on the farm" and came to catch up. Soo much fun in such a short amount of time. I have several kitties up for adoption myself.. and all of them rescued ferals that we have worked daily with. They are young so its fairly easy to get them to come around. Older cats are much more difficult. We have opted to not keep pups though -- more work than I can handle.
    Happy farming!


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