Monday, September 19

Daily Farm Photo: 9/19/05

Morning Moonset

I was so mesmerized by the flashy brilliance of this morning's sunrise that I nearly missed the rare scene playing out behind me. (Unfortuntely I did miss capturing the moon in its entirety, but I caught a glimpse just before it slid behind the clouds, and it was breathtaking.)

Phew! I didn't think I was even going to get to Daily Farm Photo #101--let alone #1,000. Since I started trying to post these photos, the sun has made its way across the entire sky. It just dipped behind this ridge, chasing after the moon. Time for me to tuck in the sheepsies--another sunrise will be here all too soon.


  1. I love these big sky shots!!

  2. Susan, you just might get a kick out of this story. Or, like me, you might find the endeavor it refers to a bit contrived and way off the mark of pure good luck, an eye for esthetics, and some great timing (oh -- the luck thing again). I sure do like your pictures.
    PS: the story is about Ansel Adams' Yosemite Moon picture.

  3. Hi Wendy,
    I do, too! I have spent so much time looking up into the sky during the past three months--being aware, being mesmerized. It's always, always changing. And it's always beautiful. Even though we are in this little valley, we still have an expansive view of the sky. Oh, the stars!

    I was absolutely thrilled when I looked up on the way down to the sheep barn this morning (after just having watched and photographed that fiery sunrise) and saw last night's full moon shining in the sun and about to slip out of sight. A minute later you could not even tell it had been there--I know, because I kept checking, hoping it would pop back out and I could get a better picture!

    Hi Cookiecrumb,
    What a great article. Thanks so much for the link. The whole thing is fascinating, but a little overwhelming--kind of like when you try to take apart any piece of "art." Sometimes (in my opinion) there is simply no way to break something down into scientific bits. It just is. But reading about how they figured out all the locations of those artworks was very intriguing, especially as I am an art lover.

    Hi Amy,
    I'm happy to be back! I think things are finally fixed, or at least that's what the telephone repair guy told me today. (He had to drive all the way down to the house instead of just calling because I jumped online the second it was fixed.) I feel like I've been living in a cartoon, with this little piece of stray lightning dancing around inside the phone cable, wreaking havoc for the past week.

    Despite the frustrations, I even managed to learn a few things today, including how to post photos a whole different way on blogger, and that modems do not like even the tiniest bit of static on their phone line. : )

  4. How beautiful! As long as the sky keeps putting on shows like this for you, you'll never run out of daily farm photos!

  5. I was worried about you! Am so glad that you got your photo in for the day. I looked and looked and looked today for the newest addition to your blog.. and was disappointed when I had to leave for work and still no new shot. Me thinks its time to nag the phone company and get them on the ball fixing that static-iky line... *grins mischievously*... I could call them and grouch at them for you for a while...

  6. Love these sky pictures!

  7. Hi Geekwif & Joe (& Wendy),
    Well, didn't y'all just make my day. I admit I have been a bit obsessed with taking pictures of the sky lately, and I've been half afraid people were starting to think, "What's with all the sunrises, already?" I feel much better--and I might even have an extra sunrise or two tucked up my sleeve. . .

    Hi Heather,
    I'm touched by your concern for me. I feel bad that there have been so many new visitors to Farmgirl Fare right when my internet connection went on the fritz. I get very discombobulated when I am not able to put up my photo early in the morning--and it sounds like I am not the only one!

    I think the phone company guy got it fixed this time, but I will definitely keep your offer in mind. : ) I was just grateful the phone worked well enough to be able to call the phone company this time and say, "Hi, hear this lousy connection? Please fix it because I can't get online!" rather than driving all the way to town again to use a phone.

    Well, time to hit the (proverbial) hay (the real stuff is not very comfortable) because sunrise is on its way!

    My apologies for not responding yet to all the wonderful comments everyone left on the 100th Daily Farm Photo post. Thank you! I've had so much fun reading about your favorite photos. And thanks, too, to those of you who made your favorite pictures into handy links. Great idea. : )

  8. Glad it allworked out FG...
    Fingers crossed that's theend of your comp probs!

  9. Another awesome one from the farm scrapbook! This is my daily eyecandy!

  10. Both the moonset and sunrise are exquisitely beautiful! How I envy your ability to see the stars at night too. Here in the city, because there is so much light pollution, we can bearly make out Venus let alone stars.


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