Friday, September 16

Daily Farm Photo: 9/16/05

Trying To Reach The Dog's Water Dish


  1. u have the cutest sheep EVER!

  2. Morning Susan. I see you are an early riser too! I do not live on a farm now, but I still get up early too. It's just now quiet in my house with the older kidlets off to school, munchmouse still sleeping and the 4 yo entertained with a movie! Have a great day.

  3. Hi Clare,
    Well, I know I think so. And so huggable!

    Good morning to you, Heather!
    For me, the best part about getting up early is catching the sunrise.

    Enjoy that peace and quiet while you can! : )

  4. Hey Farm-Girl Susan ... can't seemt o find your e-mail address, maybe you'd forward? I have an idea!

  5. awe, yeah you just wanna sqeeze that fluffy beast!

    *runs up to sheep*
    *throws arms around it's neck*
    *realizes she ran through poop*
    *sheep walks away disgusted at crazy lady*


  6. is that your sheep?? ohmygod my mom would be so jealous! she loves the baahbaah black sheep (even though yours is white). so cute!!!

  7. what a darling cottonball! ;-)

    I couldn't stand to look at the photo of the lava cake...would make me too hungry. (although, the chef is kinda easy on the old eyeballs...) ;-)

  8. Is this big chip or little chip? I can't tell them apart (yet !) I just want to kiss his sweet face.

  9. Hi Cherrybegonia,
    I'm not sure it's just the sheep thinking you are a little bit crazy (in a good way, of course). : )

    Hi Cara,
    Congratulations!!! You should definitely be proud of yourself. So, where's the photo? And, most importantly, how did it taste? Sheesh, you didn't even tell me what kind of bread you baked! Fabulous news, even if I only got a slice of the story. : )

    Hi Mona,
    Yep, that's one of my sheep. Send your mom over to have a look! (And just wait until I post a photo of one of the black ones. Well, they bleach to a gorgeous brown, but they're still black underneath. They're my favorites.)

    Hi Amy,
    Oh yes, he managed to get his head in far enough to slurp up some of the dog's water. I saw him, ran inside for the camera, and of course he'd pulled his head out by the time I'd returned. Then he put it back through the fence! That same little guy has also been busted slinking under the fence so he could eat the lawn and more easily drink the dog's water. Little trouble maker. Good thing he's so cute. And unbelievably soft.

    Hi Cookiejill,
    Thanks. Yep, speaking of cute, I didn't think that chef was bad looking either. : )

    Hi Leigh,
    Oh that's not a Chip at all! This little guy is just a baby born this spring. (For those attempting to follow the geneology of some of my woolies, his mother is 9-year-old Mary, who is the sister of Doll Face--they are triplets, but the third died at birth. They were born in 1996, the first year I had lambs. Little #105 has a twin sister named Betsy.)

    The boys have red eartags, and the girls have green ones. The older sheep, like Chip and Chip don't have any eartags--I know them all by sight. (I know most of the younger ones, too, but it's easier to keep track of them this way--and some of them do look alike, even to me.)

    If you'd like to see a brand new picture of Big Chip (who is about four times the size of this little guy), just click here.


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