Tuesday, September 27

Autumn Bloom


  1. Gorgeous blooms! What are they? I'm guessing the middle ones are some kind of yellow daisies? But the other two?

  2. Hi Michelle,
    Well, the top one is a wonderful plant in my garden that has been putting out dozens of these tiny flowers for months and months, despite heat and humidity and very dry spells. Talk about no maintenance.

    I cannot remember what it's called, though. A neighbor at my old farm dug me up a little bit of hers (this is the best way to find plants that will thrive in your own garden) and I planted it in my garden there. When I moved here, I dug some up and brought it with me. Five years later, it is about five feet wide and just as tall. At first it was kind of spindly and gangly, but now that it's filling out, I think I can trim it back and turn it into a more shapely bush--and let the other plants in the bed have some breathing room.

    The little purple flowers in the middle are blooming all over the woods--hundreds and hundreds of them. The weather must have been just right this year, as I have never seen them in such profusion. I believe they are a type of aster, though I'm not positive. (Starting to figure out why the photos had no captions? : )

    And the bottom flower I do know! It's Sedum Autumn Joy, and it is growing in a large pot in the garden. I bought it this spring at a Garden Club plant sale (where the members dig up plants from their own gardens and sell them at ridiculously low prices to raise money to buy other plants to put in gardens and flower boxes around town). I had no idea what I was buying, but apparently I was the only one there not familiar with Sedum, and I "had to buy some." I posted a photo of it when it started to bloom, and now I know why it's called Autumn Joy. The flowers change colors with the season! Click here to see what this very same clump of flowers looked like less than three weeks ago. This is another low maintenance, tolerant beauty--and definitely one of my new favorite plants.

  3. Love the flower pics--if I give credit where credit is due, can I borrow them some time? Sometimes, I like having a little flower to brighten up the blog day. I also have Sedum in backyard, but I didn't know their name until I read your comment--thanks!

  4. Aren't gardens built from friend's offerings the best? Those are really pretty flowers.

    I have some of the top one growing here, it's a Kerria Japonica (also called bachelor button, Jew's mallow, sailor's button...) Mine were growing in deep forest at my last house, we pulled some up and they've been happily growing in pretty much every kind of condition we've thrown at them. You can thwack it back to shape it some but it seems happier when let run along a fenceline or other such place you want a semi-sheer plant screen.

    Yes Michelle, the second flower is a member of the daisy/aster family--probably a michaelmas daisy, although there are a zillion kinds of daisies and many of them look a lot alike.

    (stuffs inner teacher/gardener back in pocket)

  5. You're thinking of the little blue cornflower things, right? I think this is one of those names where there is a flower, a tree, and probably a lot more things using the name. I think the "button" name is based on the use of flowers that look like that being used as boutonnieres by guys at formal affairs--sort of like carnations, but not...?

    I saved you from the Googleness: check this out for the yellow flowers.

  6. Your pictures really brighten my day!

  7. Hi Nupur,
    So glad to hear it! Thanks for taking the time to write and let me know. : )

  8. Hi Kitchenmage,
    Yep, I was thinking of the little blue cornflower things. Thanks for the link and saving me from the Googleness! I guess that's the plant I have. My flowers look a bit different, and those seem very light yellow, but it could just be the photo. And I'm sure there are slight variations among plants. The flower world is so confusing--that's why I usually stick to edibles. You might not know what it is, but you know you can have it for dinner! : )

  9. the 27th was my bday, and i wanted to see what pictures you had on tuesday. love the flowers! and even the sheep! have a fun road trip!

  10. Those are some gorgeous photos. Since you're into flowers and country-living I thought I'd point out a family-owned farm that has recently started a flower delivery service. They grow the flowers fresh and send them from the farm (they're friends of mine, actually) and the bouquets they send out are twice as big as other online florists and last much longer.

    Best regards,



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