Saturday, September 10

Daily Farm Photo: 9/10/05

New Cat Spends Most Of His Time High Above Dog Level

Attention Cat Lovers! It's time for Weekend Cat Blogging #14!
Food Bloggers around the world unite each week and share pictures of our favorite felines. See cute cat photos and discover yummy food blogs.
You'll find all the links to this week's entries here at Eat Stuff in Australia (run by the adorable Kiri). We'd love to have you join us. Just send your permalink in a comment to Clare (Kiri's slave) at Eat Stuff and add a "Weekend Cat Blogging" tag to your post.


  1. OOOH
    I hadn't notice new cats colouration before.... it is so cute, red not too many stripes and little patches of white! Too cute!

  2. New cat looks "naked" compared to Clare's Kiri!

  3. New that is really his name? That's hilarious! How did that come about?

  4. I loive the colouring ~ I have always had a soft spot for the ginger cats...

  5. New Cat--and I do hope that's his name--looks like he is surveying the ground for a tiny thing to torment. Or maybe that's just my cats. Nah, you've got farm cats, they like torturing small things.

  6. New cat is a cutie, now all he needs is a farmer's outfit and he will look the part of a farm cat.

  7. Hi Clare,
    He's a cutie beauty alright! : )

    Hi Mum,
    Kiri is setting a bad example for the rest of the weekend blogging cats! (Though I have to admit I've never seen anything quite as adorable as him in his "ultra-sexy sailor suit.)"

    Hi Mona,
    Yep, New Cat is his name. Hey, sometimes you're lucky if you even get a name around here! : )

    We live miles and miles from any neighbors. In 15 years, he is the only cat who has ever just shown up. We spotted him way out past the hayfield one day and couldn't figure out who or what it was. After a day or two he meandered up to the house, and he's been here ever since. This was probably four years ago.

    He was just a young guy when he arrived. He was very skittish and still is, but lately he's let me start petting him again. He's wearing his summer suit now; wait until you see him in winter when he puts on the fluff. A real little lion.

    He lives in the Cat Cabin next to the house with his best pal, J2, who took him under his wing when he arrived. J2 actually just showed up one day at the farm I used to live at. They do everything together--which mostly consists of napping and keeping above the dogs.

    Anyway, there's the story. We started calling him New Cat because he was the only new cat that had ever just wandered onto the scene.

    Hi Linda,
    Oh, I love when people refer to them as "ginger" cats.

    Hi Kitchenmage,
    Actually, New Cat is surveying Lucky Buddy Bear who is surveying him!

    And our farm cats don't torment tiny things--they eat them! : )

    Hi Boo,
    Oh, the thought of New Cat in a little pair of overalls is so cute! The blue denim would look great against his ginger fur. Now you just come over here and put it on him. . . : )

  8. Moufie used to eat things that were still alive. Another joy of country living, being able to identify that he had a rabbit based on the sound. :-(


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