Saturday, September 24

Weekend Cat Blogging #16

Window Washing

Attention Cat Lovers! It's time for Weekend Cat Blogging #16!
Food Bloggers around the world unite each week and share pictures of our favorite felines. See cute cat photos and discover yummy food blogs. You'll find all the links to this week's entries here at Eat Stuff in Australia (run by the adorable Kiri). We'd love to have you join us. Just send your permalink in a comment to Clare (Kiri's slave) at Eat Stuff and add a "Weekend Cat Blogging" tag to your post.


    but, I don't think she will love me! LOL

  2. awe! kitty taking a bath. Is that one anyones favorite? Have a great day farmgal!

  3. Is that my doodle girl? I am waiting for her to do something naughty, so she can be mine :)

  4. My first kitty Buster looked just like that! :) What a pretty little baby cake ;)

  5. Doodle is a sweetie, has she been up to any mischief lately?

  6. pretty cat! i am currently kitten-shopping...have one on layaway and need to find it a friend...

  7. Hi Pseudo,
    Welcome to the farm and thank you!

    Hi Clare,
    Well, you never know. She might make an exception and stop despising every living thing except me. . .: )

    Hi Heather,
    Oh, you are new to Farmgirl Fare, aren't you. That means you haven't been properly introduced to Molly Doodle, aka The Doodle Monster. Yes, she is somebody's favorite: mine! She barely tolerates any other living creatures, but for some reason, she has succeeded in winning over the blogging community (which Joe has now deemed unanimously crazy).

    To see more pictures of her, click here and here. And click here if you'd like to read a little bit about her.

    Gosh, I was just looking through the archives for photos and thought she'd made more appearances on Farmgirl Fare. I guess it's because I am so constantly aware of her presence. : )

    Hi Nic,
    Clean and fluffy! Though she's not actually a fluffy cat; her short fur just kind of stands up on end sometimes. She really is a completely unique little thing.

    Hi Mrs. D,
    Why thank you!

    Hi Leigh,
    Oh yes, that is The Doodle alright. And although your wonderful comment still has me laughing out loud, I'm afraid I'm going to have to delete it. If Joe sees it he will be searching for that Fed Ex Doodle Sized Box within seconds! : )

    Hi Alicat,
    I don't believe it. Molly's catdad looked just like her, only bigger, and I named him Buster! : )

    Hi Boo,
    Well, a sweetie to me and those who don't know her. : ) Up to any mischief? Always. Though I don't always catch her at it. She's taken to napping through most of the day, which is truly frightening because I know that means she is awake during the night causing trouble that I am unaware of (and then there are the aerobics she performs on my body while I am asleep. . .)

    Lately, though, she has been spending an inordinate amount of time at my computer chair, and several times I noticed that the internet connection was live, even though I'm sure I hadn't dialed up. I have a sneaking suspicion she is trying to sell Gretel on ebay. If only I could figure out the password to her catmail account!

    Hi Kitchenmage,
    You can put a kitten on layaway?

  8. Great pic! And thank you for turning me on to cat blogging as well! The pictures were good all over and have inspired me to take better pics of my own animal friends.

  9. Hi Karen,
    Thanks and welcome to the farm! Looking forward to having you join us for future editions of Weekend Cat Blogging--or Weekend Dog Blogging. : )

  10. It takes very good credit, but I managed to put one away for a week from now. Pretty sweet trick. *grin*

  11. I love this pic...of course I am biased since I am a cat person! This is one of those simple poses that I see my cats in all the time...really makes me wish that I could give her a little pat and see what her personality is like. Very cute...PS...thrilled today to have completed my first 2 loaves of homemade bread (from Daniel Leader's book, one of his begginer's loaves). I will try to post pics tomorrow.

  12. Lovely picture, cats and windows are always 'a set'...


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