Wednesday, September 7

Daily Farm Photo: 9/7/05

The Hornets Have Been Busy

Click on "The Hornets" above to see where they were a month ago. To see a series of photos of this amazing creation and learn about its builders, please click here. My apologies to those who are creeped out by this picture, but I couldn't resist sharing it. I find it fascinating.


  1. great photo!!!!
    I love it :)
    not creepy at all :)

  2. Hello "La Fermière"
    Back from Normandy and couldn't resist saying hello (I've got your message about my dear tomatoes, thanks a lot, I'll write a bit longer later)
    It's a bitter "souvenir", one of those hornets bit me last year, I don't know if the American ones are as virulent as ours on the Old Continent but I sure do remember it (When having dinner, keep your shoes on or look first inside just in case!) But I must recognize they do a marvellous architectural job !

  3. Wow thats one big nest! Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures.

  4. Amazing picture!! A little creepy indeed, but beautiful.

  5. Wow!! Very cool. (as long as it's not in my back yard....)


  6. Okay, I gotta interrupt this lovely post to say:

    Go make Barbara's (from Winos & Foodies) English Muffins recipe - tonight! Tomorrow you will love yourself!! I brought them to work and you'd think I brought them the recipe for making fire and water.

    I converted her measurements here however I must warn you that I altered her recipe and she uses better ingredients and has waaay better instructions. Oh, and better photos too.

    Susan: I'm so sorry for hijacking your blog! *hehe* But I'm now an English Muffin Evangelist and I must make you all believers!

    Have a great day ya'll!

    *Cherrybegonia grins a toothy wide grin*

  7. P.S. Susan, that hornets nest is HUGE! And very scary! When they are done with it you should use it for halloween! :-)

  8. Hi Clare,

    Hi Amy,
    Yes, I finally did a little research on hornets--fascinating!

    Hi Flo,
    So nice to hear from you. Good advice about the shoes and hornets!

    Hi Joe,
    They're up!

    Hi Anne,
    I agree--amazing and beautiful. But definitely a little creepy hanging right outside the back door! : )

    Hi Elizabeth,
    Yep. (See above.)

    Hi Cherrybegonia,
    Hmmmm. So I stop the spam and my blog gets hijacked. I suppose since it was in the name of bread. . . (and I actually have been wanting to make English muffins since reading Sam's post on Becks & Posh.)

    Re your P.S.: I'm not sure what we're going to do with the nest when they're done with it (now that I know they won't be reusing it next year). Maybe just leave it where it is. Will have to think about that.

  9. What a beautiful hive those hornets have constructed.

    Here at Earth Home Garden we have Red Wood Ants that construct huge mounds from pine-needles and wood debris.

    Very fascinating as well...

  10. Those white-face nests are cool. We have had a couple of them, over the years, and they have never, ever stung any of us. One got in the house one time, and I went looking for the Fantastic (spray stingy-things with it and they die). When I saw her next, she had a fly she had caught. I opened the window for her!

    I saw a pic once where someone had offered white-faces colored paper. They had made their nest out of the various colors. If we ever get another group of them, I will be following suit.

  11. I forgot to say -- critters will bust into the nest to eat (the larvae?). Neither of our nests survived an entire season intact.

  12. hi does anyone know where to place construction paper or how near to a hornets nest for them to use it?
    i have one up above the window and i have put construction paper out of window ..sticking under the screen with closed window...and locked lol will this work?

  13. Hi Fostina,Sorry, but I have no clue about the construction paper - but maybe somebody does. Good luck! : )


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