Thursday, September 29

Daily Farm Photo: 9/29/05

Heart Of Vine


  1. I love this photo and the new competition to be first!!

  2. All these hearts form a beautiful ribambelle.

  3. Hi Cara and Wendy,
    Glad you like the photo. Well, this ought to be interesting--you two are going to scamper off smiling while I get to wait for the Wrath of Clare to hit. I don't think she's going to be happy being fourth (or worse). Wonder where she is. . . Probably gave up on me since I was late putting my photo up today. (And you know, Cara, that she'll bring that up--will no doubt say you were only first because I was off schedule!)

    Good morning Mijo!
    I love these little hearts. I was so thrilled when I found the vine hiding in the grass.

  4. dmepcMorning Farmgirl... I could have been first the other day with one of your posts but opted to let the other posters go for it! Could have burst a bubble am sure... hehe! Little golden hearts on a string.. very pretty. Have a great day!

  5. Cara :P

    Yep I agree :) I think my oma has them in a pot :)

  6. Love the photo, too, and the fact that you did find it hiding in the grass. Why are you late this morning, FG? Up too late last night? Sure hope so. ;)

    Cara, no fair! I had a teacher conference this morning. Just you wait....


  7. Rats!!! I COULD have won if only my internet connection hadn't clapped out suddenly and inexplicably early this morning.

    Lovely photo, Farmgirl!


  8. I have no hope of "winning", because mornings are the only time of day it's tolerable to work outside around here. (I had to inform one of my editors that calling me at 7:45 AM was an exercise in futility...I am usually out shoveling dirt at that hour, if I'm even awake.)

    In winter I will sleep all morning until the sun warms up my lizardlike metabolism. ;-)

    Oh, but anyway, I love the photo! Your farm is so lovely, in ways both large and small.


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