Monday, September 5

Shrinking Summer

This Should Keep Us In Sauce Through The Winter

Or Maybe Not. Just Seven Little Pints. So Where Did The Rest Go?

To A Few Tomato Loving Sheep!


  1. Are they, er, Italian sheep?

  2. Those are certainly well-fed sheep. I never thought I'd be jealous of sheep!

  3. My mom did the same thing, giving extra tomatoes to the sheep. Love the pictures!

  4. *bwahahaha*

    That triptych was pretty cute FarmGirlie!

    Today is Labor Day but I bet ya didn't get much "time off." And farmwork is *definatly* labor!

  5. Look at all those tomatoes!
    I bet there are still plenty more to come in your garden ;)

    Your sheep are beaut!

  6. Lucky sheep. Wish I had your discipline to save the summer goodies. I have a fear of canning and preserving :(

  7. So sweet of you to share your harvest with the animals. They are lucky to have you. You are a definite kindred spirit. :)

  8. Hi Jamie,
    Welcome to the farm! Italian sheep? You never know! : )

    Hi Shauna,
    Welcome to the farm! Jealous? Of sheep? Why all they do is spend 10 to 12 hours a day leisurely making their way through a 40 acre buffet full of all their favorite foods, and napping between courses under the shade trees. Then they stroll back to their cozy barn (complete with large, star-gazing courtyard) where they are tucked in by a nice girl who counts them to make sure nobody is missing, tells them over and over how cute they are, makes sure they have plenty of fresh, cold spring water, and maybe even gives them a treat before she turns on their nightlight and wishes them sweet dreams. What's there to be jealous of? : )

    Hi Joe,
    Aha! Someone with sheep experience! What I find amusing is that only some of the sheep like tomatoes. The rest sniff and snub their snouts, but the tomato lovers go crazy. I tried to get a photo of a sheep with dripping red lips, but nobody was in a posing mood. Too busy slurping up the last of the tomato seeds, I guess.

    Hi Cherrybegonia,
    Glad you liked it. No, holidays don't mean much around here. Everybody still needs to be tended to on Christmas! But we do manage to take time off and celebrate from time to time. : )

    Hi Clare,
    Oh, yes! Plenty more tomatoes to come. In fact, I really should pick and process a whole bunch more today. (Would be a nice change from making pita bread.)

    Hi Anonymous,
    I have one little, life-changing word for you: FREEZER! You can "preserve" practically anything in one. And while those neat rows of colorful jars of tomatoes and dill pickles and lemon curd and applesauce and ginger pear chutney look beautiful on the pantry shelves--well, sometimes it just isn't gonna happen. That's when you turn to the freezer. I freeze everything from green beans to sweet red peppers (which I usually first seal in plastic bags using a FoodSaver).

    And for tomatoes, all you have to do is blanch, peel, and seed them, and then pack them into inexpensive plastic freezer containers, as shown in this photo. Sure they aren't as pretty as rows of canning jars, but they are much better than nothing! I put up paste tomatoes (such as San Marzano) and use them all winter and spring for soups and pizza sauce. I urge you to definitely try it! : )

    Hi Kristi,
    Thanks so much. But I'm not quite as nice as you think I am (at least when it comes to sharing my garden tomatoes)--the sheep only get the skins and seeds and juice that are left after preparing the tomatoes for the freezer. I do give them whole rejects from the garden sometimes, too. They don't seem to mind, though. : )


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