Monday, September 26

Pita, Pita, It's Time To Eata!

BLT Pita & Garden Bounty

And about time, too. After two weeks of runaway preoccupation and dozens of little balls of dough, I ran out of steam (and stomach space) on what I now refer to as The Pita Project. (I also started hearing things like, "Pita, Pita, Where's The Meata?")
So no more excuses. I turned the oven off and the computer on, gathered together my photos and findings, and wrote a post much longer than originally intended. I had some fun, learned a lot, and am absolutely stuffed.

I appreciate your patience, and hope you will find it was worth the wait. Just click here to start reading all about How The Pita Puffed.


  1. Woah, woah, woah...I'm first? First? I'm never first! And especially for such a fantastic post! Farmgirl, you have me drooling and wanting to make everything possible I can, from scratch. I'll definitely be trying this one (and crossing my fingers for some perfectly unpuffed pitas!). Thanks for sacrificing so much of your time for our culinary benefit!

  2. This is great.
    I wish I read this before I made my first ever pitas on Saturday.
    About only half of which puffed.
    I am very fond of the pita pizza though - or toasted pitta spread with marmite (wink) so even my rejects didn't go to waste.
    Did you see anything about the difuser pan?

  3. Oh, I am SO printing this article out and making these as soon as the heat breaks. I just can't deal with a 500 degree oven in a FL September. Cold front, I am waiting for you!!
    Thanks, FG. :)


  4. Love the detailed write up on the pitas. I can't wait to try and make some now! We've been using TJ's pitas and while they are good I bet these are much better!

  5. Great post. Though I am now craving greek food (not too convenient at almost midnight). When I finally get the nerve to make my own bread products this will be high on the list. Thanks for sharing your experience (and tips). Your BLT pitas have me drooling.

  6. Yay
    I bet you feel sooooo much better it is done now!

    Awesome post girl!!!!

  7. Hi Michelle,
    Yes, you were first! You never know what time something might pop up on Farmgirl Fare. . . : )

    As far as sacrificing my time for your culinary benefit--well, it was rough, but somebody had to do it. : )

    Hi Sam,
    She's baaaaaack! Thank goodness! What a coincidence you just made pitas for the first time--and whole wheat, too. Wow. No, I don't know what a difuser pan is. Never came across any mention of it in my (limited) research. (Most of my research was of the eating kind.)Maybe it's the secret to puffing?

    Oh boy, can't believe I didn't think to pull that jar of marmite you sent me off the shelf and spread it on my pitas (ick)! : )

    Hi Amy,
    At least you don't have to spend an hour heating up the baking stone with this recipe! Have fun. : )

    Hi Alisha,
    Well didn't you just make my night (and my morning when I reread your comment just now). Now go make some pitas!

    Hi Joe,
    Thanks. Trader Joe's rocks, but when it comes to breadstuffs, homemade usually takes the cake!

    Hi Punky,
    Posts that make readers drool are good. Reading those posts late at night is not so good. (And I know this from too much real life experience!)

    Hi Jim
    You said it!

    Hi Clare,
    Thanks. I do feel better! And I'm almost out of frozen pitas, if you can believe it.

  8. P.S.
    Um Jim, please don't take this the wrong way, but I had to delete your sweet post. Blogger doesn't know what to do with a word that has sooooo many letters, so it messes up the whole blog layout and important stuff like the link to get back "home" move off the screen. Thanks for commenting! : )

  9. That was awesome, Farmgirl! I am going to try them ASAP. I'm a big fan of all sorts of round, disklike breads, and a new recipe always makes me enthusiastic. Maybe a little too weirdly enthusiastic.

    The thing with the foil is odd. I am so devoted to my baking stone! But I'll try it.

    P.S. All sorts of half-assed untested recipes make it onto my blog. I admire your quality control. :-)

  10. Sarah,

    I was trying to decide what to fix this evening, now I know. Thanks for the heads-up on the pita post.

    (And thanks for the link to my salad post.)


  11. Well, I must say, it's about time we saw that pita recipe!! ;-)

    Thanks for posting it, Farmgirl!

    Now after all the badgering I did, I suppose I'm expected to make pita?? :-D


    P.S. (That Clayton recipe wasn't there all along, was it???)

  12. Hi Jamie,
    Oh I don't think anybody can be too enthusiastic about bread! I'm really devoted to my baking stone, too, but I really didn't see a difference regarding puffing, and it took so much less time for the oven to heat up (a big plus when it's sooo hot outside).

    So how do I get to your blog? When I click on your name, it says your blogger profile cannot be accessed. : (

    Hi Kevin,
    You're welcome. But please don't tell me I'm not your only blogirl? Who is Sarah!? I'm Susan. : )

    Hi Elizabeth,
    I thought this post might make you happy. And of course you don't have to make any, but you can't have pita pizza until you make pita. . . As far as that Clayton recipe being there all along--you mean it wasn't? : )

    Hi Shakti,
    You are most certainly welcome. Have fun!

  13. Susan,

    Oh course you're Susan, and I occasionally have mental hiccups.

    The pita was excellent:

  14. Hi Kevin,
    Oh, it's okay. I understand completely. So many girls. So many blogs. So many names to keep straight. Maybe you need a Little Black Blog Book. . . ; )

  15. Of course, you are right, I DO have to make pita (did you see my comment about the Clayton recipe in "pita project"?)


  16. I love making pita. Haven't in awhile. Usually maybe half actually puff up.

    I make pita chips out of the ones that don't puff, or I make pita pizza. I've tried several recipes. I will try the one you blogged about.


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