Sunday, September 11

Daily Farm Photo: 9/11/05

Bird Envy


  1. I so know just what you mean.....

  2. Wow. Strange how everyone is talking about the clear blue day today in NYC (and apparently where you are too), and how eerie it is that the conditions are just as they were in our city, on this horrible day 4 years ago. I'll never forget it.
    I'm sorry I didn't mean to bring the mood down so much. It is a great snapshot!

  3. Hi Clare,
    Can you even imagine how wonderful that would be? : )

    Hi Mona,
    Thanks. Oh don't worry about bringing the mood down. I think everyone who sees it will have a unique reaction to this photo. I had several things going through my mind when I posted it today, and the date was certainly one of them.

  4. Great sky picture - it looks just like ours today - very blue with fluffy clouds.

  5. I'll bet that bird looked closer to your eye than it appears in this picture. I took several of turkey vultures the other day, and though I thought I could almost reach up and touch them where I stood, they were little more than dark pinpoints in the images I got.

    I visit your blog every day, by the way. (And blogger won't let me sign in as it used to.)



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