Friday, September 30

It's A Name That Sheep Contest! You Could Win A Sheep!

Help! I need a name!

Okay, that's a nice head shot there.

Now turn and show us your profile. Yes, yes, that's great!

And the other way. Perfect!

It can take a while to get a name around here. And if you do actually get one, there's no guarantee it'll be a good one. You might get stuck with something spectacularly uncreative, such as 'New Cat' or 'Whitey.' Or something just this side of embarrassing--like 'Snugglebunny.'

The lovely lady you see in these photos has been known as Yellow 21 for over two years, and she feels that this has gone on long enough. She wants a real name. A good name. A name a sheep can hold her head up high and be proud of.

This is where you come in. I have decided to hold a contest to come up with the perfect name for this sheep. And if your entry is chosen as the winner, you will become the 'honorary' owner of your newly named sheep! What does this mean? Well, if you so desire, you will receive (via email) periodic news about your sheep, including what she's been up to lately, how her health is doing, photos if she's willing to pose for them, and, of course, progress reports during her upcoming pregnancy and up-to-the-minute details of the birth--including adorable newborn baby lamb pictures!

Note: Being the winner does not mean that 'your' new sheep gets to come and live with you. No, she stays right here on the farm (and you don't even get to visit her). But, you do get to tell all of your friends that you are the proud owner of a sheep. You simply explain to them that your sheep lives in the country because she is much happier there than she would be in, say, your fifth floor apartment or out on the fire escape or eating up all of the landscaping in your lovely backyard.

So if you are still interested in entering, here's how it works:

1. No purchase necessary! Simply leave your entry submission in the comments section of this post. If you do not have a blog or email through which you can be notified, just check back here to find out if you won.

2. Anyone can enter no matter what age/race/species/country you are in/whatever.

3. You can enter any name you like, except names that begin with the letters A and B. For example, if you entered Alice or Barbara, you would automatically be disqualified. (Yes, there's a good reason for this which I will explain another time.)

4. You are welcome to enter your own name if you so desire (as long as it doesn't start with an A or a B). If you have a masculine name but still want to enter it, just give me a good reason why you feel it would be an appropriate name for this female sheep. If you know that I already have a sheep that shares your name, well, you need to come up with something else.

5. You do not have to give a reason why you entered the name you did, but it would probably help your chances of winning. (Hint: I am a sucker for silly jokes and bad rhymes. Cute also goes over well with me. Who do you think named Snugglebunny?)

6. You are welcome to enter more than one name.

7. And just to make things a little more interesting, here is a way you can increase your chances of winning: read through the other entries and suggest why they should not be chosen as the winning name.

8. All judging will be done by a select, secret panel of totally biased and partial farm inhabitants. I have the last word.

9. The winner must agree to have their name used in conjunction with this contest as well as any future Name That Sheep contests that may or may not occur on this blog.

Now I hope you'll all put on your thinking caps and Name That Sheep!

Thanks to everyone who entered! Click here to read "At Last! We Have A Winner!" and find out what we finally named that sheep!


  1. How about Molly?

  2. I'm going to have to go with Lambchop. I choose this name in honor of the puppet and because well, it's an awfully endearing name.

  3. I say "Girl." Y'know: Ewe Go, Girl!

  4. This dignified sheep looks an awful lot like a Clementine.

  5. We need more information. Is she a Suffolk? A Clun Forest? Tunis? Dorset Down?

    She could be Bleu du Maine. Shropshire? Perhaps a Rhoenschaf? She even looks a bit Wallis Country (in which case, "Wallis Simpson" gets my vote).

    It's too bad you banned "B" names, because "Baabra Streisheep" would fit her, huh?

    Not knowing more about her, or her personality, I will go with "Rita Merino" for the time being. Lovely Rita, meat or made? (Okay, if I made you laugh, that's her name.)

  6. Here are a couple of suggestions:

    Mary - think of what you could say when she has a baby :-)

    Friday - because everyone always says things like, "man, I'm so glad it's Friday" and "Thank God it's Friday"

    Pepper - don't know why...just think this one's cute...

  7. Martha, so you can make sheep noises when you talk to her.

  8. lydia.

    i grew up with a sheep named lydia.

    <3 tabitha

  9. She looks like a Darla to me, although I have no idea why.

  10. Willow

    Have always loved the name and the other names I love started with an A and a B ... so those of course wont work. The Farmgirl gal needs to have a name that is graceful so she can live up to it. And Willows are graceful and enduring all on their own.

    Have a great weekend.

  11. To me she looks like Cocoa

  12. Merona, which is from the Aramaic, meaning "sheep"

    Rachel, which means "small sheep" in Hebrew, AND can remind you of Rachael Ray! :)

  13. Gertrude. She has to be a Gertrude.

    Here's why:

    she has a plain face, with a lot of interest. Gertrude is an old-fashioned name, but it's a fascinating one. Slightly puckerish. Memorable. Her last profile picture especially looks like a Gertrude to me. And wouldn't it be far more fun to say Gertrude than Molly or Pepper?

    Now, I don't want to cast aspersion on the naming abilities of all these fine people before me. But since you did mention we should pick apart the competition, I have to say:

    please don't name her Mary. She doesn't deserve anything that banal.

    Naming her Lambchop after a puppet would insult her fine nature.

    If you actually stood on your farm and shouted, "Ewe Go, Girl!" I would have to stop reading this blog. And how, I want to keep reading this blog. (Sorry, Cookiecrumb. You know I love you anyway.)

    And finally, I can tell already that she has a far more developed personality than Rachael Ray.

    Gertrude is a fine country name. I'd definitely go with that one!

    p.s. This was great fun.

  14. Let's start by debunking the current entries:

    Molly sounds too much like Dolly, the first cloned sheep, and who would want to feel like they are named in similar fashion to a clone?

    Lampchop was a cute puppet, but it was a puppet, not a real sheep, who had a squeaky voice--definitely not the persona of your sheep.

    Mary is overdone as a human name (my first name is Mary), more or less as a sheep name. I don't want to be named for what I look like or for a day of the week, especially considering there is an Adams Family member named Friday.

    Martha makes me think of Martha Stewart, and that, frankly, is a lot of baggage to carry every day: everyone would expect high class, easy to make decorations. From a sheep. And that's just silly.

    Girl is too generic. It's cute for the saying mentioned but too generic in any other context.

    Many of the names have personal meaning for the person who suggested them, but what does that mean to your sheep? My grandma always says she thinks it's bad luck to name anything after someone else because then you have all those potential associations.

    As for the translation names, those are like naming the sheep, sheep. I don't want to be named human in some other language, and personally, I don't want to think of a cooking lady that often.

    Clementine would be dignified if it weren't for the song "My Darling Clementine"--it just doesn't ring of dignity to me.

    The "Lovely Rita" entry didn't make me laugh--it made me a little sad to think about sheep becoming meat, so that can't be her name.

    Gertrude is okay, but that name has a lot of bad cultural connotations: it's too often used to refer to unfriendly, stuffy old ladies. That, again, is a lot of baggage to carry.

    So much has to be balanced with this decision: Sheep lives in Missouri. Consequently, if she has a name that is too foreign or hoity-toity, the other sheep may say nasty things behind her back (as may happen anyway, considering the amount of attention she's getting just for her name). If the name's too silly, she'll have to endure tiresome jokes for years. If it's tied to some sort of trendy saying or trendy figure, she'll be out of date and show her time period (a lady never wants people to know her age after all). She needs a good name that shows her dignity, allows her to get along with the group, and has some flexibility.

    Consequently, I think the sheep should be named Patricia. The name has flexibility: you can always call her Tricia, Trish, Pat, Patti, etc. The name is dignified--it actually means "noble," and it's not so out there that local folks wouldn't understand it.

  15. Gialloventuno, because she won't have to get used to a new name, she just has to learn a second language.

  16. Mmmmm, she looks like "CHOCOLAT" to brown and sweet as it can be. Give her a hug for me !

  17. OK picture this, early morning, cup of coffee, barely awake, squinting my eyes, reading yr blog even before my own, only to find out there are numerous people ahead of me, and worse! already two of you have picked the C-section to name her!!! (Thank you Jim and Larein)I suck!! But hah, I will stick to my first impression: she has to be Cappucino.
    So much for being original.....

  18. I thought the same thing as Judith in Umbria " JauneVingt-et-un " or why not "21-yellow".

    Really funny this contest.

  19. Sooooo, second try. I'll go with Tana and opt for a song. Let's call this beautiful one: Chirpy Chirpy Sheep.

    Think Middle of the Road, think of those lyrics and sing along....all together now!

  20. Marie AntoiKnit
    "Let them eat Chicken"

  21. Oh, how fun! After reading your posts and pics of the Chippers, I began to wish I could have sheep. I adore their sweet faces and would love to experience a sheep hug some day! Of course my hubby just rolled his eyes, and considering where we live he was right to do so. But this is wonderful, and practical! And besides, who could possibly pass up pictures of sweet baby lambs?

    Here are my suggestions...

    Hot Rod Mama - This is my mother's moniker on my blog. We used to call my grandma "Hot Rod Grandma", and the name has since been passed on to my mom. (She's not a grandma yet, thus the slight change.) She would be absolutely thrilled to know that beauty like Yellow 21 was named after her!

    Also, I figure it's fitting for dear Y21 because she's going to be a mama soon and despite the sweet face, I'm sure I see a glint of mischief in her eye. She looks to me like Hot Rod Mama would suit her.

    Skittles - I love a good theme. Since Big Chip and Skinny Chip have candy names, I think Skittles would fit in nicely. Plus it just sounds girly.

    Snickers - Another good candy name, but I like Skittles better.

    As for the other names suggested, I won't take your time and debunk every one, but I would like to say that people names don't necessarily make good pet names, unless there is a specific reason that doesn't require you to quote poetry in order to explain the name. JMHO

    And finally, I would just like to say...

    Ooh Ooh pick Me, pick me!!

  22. A few suggestions.

    Amarillo, because that's yellow in Spanish.

    Or, to pun on 'ewe,' Euphemia or Eustacia. Because those are cool names, and I'd never give them to a child, but sheep can carry slightly old-fashioned names. ;)


  23. I still say she looks like Cocoa, and a few others share that sentiment (Larien-Chocolat & baking soda-Cappucino).
    She is also sweet and soft and since this is a food & farm blog maybe something like Mocha Merangue would be appropriate, or you could combine that with Jeff's Merona for Mocha Merona, or maybe just shorten that to Mona as in Mona Lisa.

  24. ...or for fun you could call her Mona Lucy...;~)

  25. Since you enjoy cooking so much, how about naming her Coriander? It's a lovely spice and it makes for a soft, sweet name.

    - Shannon from Seattle

  26. I vote for HEIDI. For me this name evokes the countryside.

  27. If you are raising her for any sort of profit-reasons....Cashew. As in...Cash-Ewe :) Hee hee hee!

  28. I think my future sheep should be called Mutton. Mutton is definately a good name for a sheep. It says what the sheep is, it's cute and interesting, and it hasn't been used for a puppet yet.

    Also, my future sheep is very cute and attractive, and I wish there were more pictures for me to ooh and ah over. I'd love updates on my future sheep, especially since she is going to have a baby sheep at some time. It'll be like having a foster child or something. A foster sheep! Mutton my foster sheep. There we go!

    (I read this outloud to my flatmate. Conversation went like this:

    Me: blah blah blah reading outloud.

    Flatmate: And you haven't even gotten into the spiced rum yet.

    Me: Hey! I think it's a great name for a sheep! Think it'll get me a sheep?

    Flatmate: I'm not sure what it will get you. Maybe directions to the local asylum.

    Me: At least then we'd know where it is. I want a sheep!)

  29. I think she looks like a Thum-baaa-lina!

  30. So many lame names, so little time. :-)

    Based on the rules of the game (no A or B names) and the context (computers where everything gets an acronym) I submit: LE Zed

    LE stands for "logical extreme" and Zed is at the other end of the alphabet from the forbidden letters.

    All you people who want to name her after things you ask the butcher for are just mean! And I say this as someone whose brother had pigs named "Ham" and "Bacon".

  31. I have been driving through the state of FL all day long with the girls, but the car trip gave me the perfect name, one that would help your sheep make a grand impression at any gathering. Because every sheep needs to make a good impression.

    You could call her Cy Lynn. (Cy is a nickname for lots of Greek names, including Cybele, an ancient nature goddess.) This way, you could introduce her formally in your best dramatic voice:

    I'd like you to meet Cy Lynn...Of The Lambs.

    (for your unwanted guests, you could always follow this up in your best creepy voice: Are the lambs still screaming, Clarice?)


  32. Look at those big brown eyebrows that meet in the middle, she reminds me of another great & beautiful female with impressive eyebrows.
    "Frida" would also be a very fine name for this lovely sheep.

  33. Well I definitely think she deserves a fun and quirky name. If you're going to look like all the rest of the sheep you might as well stand out with a good name. So my vote is to name her Sodapop. I can see her smiling already.. Plus Im sure that if someone reads "The Outsiders" to her someday, she'd say "baa. I like the name Sodapop."

  34. I took the advice and held off until there were lots of other name suggestions. I offer "Kiwi". Why? It's cute, short and foodie. And, well, you must know that New Zealanders (Kiwis) have a ... thing for sheep.
    What do you call a Kiwi who owns more than two sheep?
    And, well, I'll leave out the tasteless one about the goat.

  35. June....she just looks like a Juney.

  36. Isolde, just because...

  37. Cocoa Puff Girl - it goes nice with Sweet Teddy Boy :)

  38. Wow, I have to contribute a name for this adorable sheep:
    Simple cute names for a sheep I think :)

  39. Viola Swamp

  40. I am going to defend my choice of names, which is NOT "Lovely Rita," as mistakenly endorsed above. And it's Farmgirl I'm trying to make laugh, not a naysayer trying to topple me in the standings. =:0

    Rita Merino is my vote, until and unless you tell us what breed she actually is.

  41. I like Daisy Dew - because it sounds like a good farm name.

  42. Cher.

    As in Shear that Cher!

    And if I'm the winner, and hence, honourary owner... do I get the fleece when she's sheared?

    Pretty please? :)

    (Never mind that I already have more then enough of the stuff, and don't know where to put it anymore... :)

  43. A sheep naming contest is a very sweet notion, thanks for letting all of us who have slim chances of becoming sheep owners at least pretend for a moment that we are farmgirls too.

    Here is some background on my unusual choice: it is my mom's middle name and she has always hated it but I like it. That said, I would not saddle a daughter of mine with this one so why not pass it along to your lovely sheep. Drumroll, please: the name is Philomena. You can call her Mena for short. Good luck -- love your blog, thanks for sharing with us!

  44. Little Miss Can't-Be-Wrong. (a) who doesn't love the Spin Doctors? (am I dating myself?) (b) It's sassy, and she looks like a sassy girl! And since she's a she, she certainly can never be wrong! (c) it popped into my head last night as I was falling asleep, so I take it as a sign from the Sheep gods. And we don't want to anger the Sheep we?

  45. I was going to pick Amarillo, but someone got there before me.
    I don't usually like human names for animals unless it really works like my german shepard named Heidi. I would love to know about her birth - whatt day it was, what time of the day, what was the moon at the time, what was the birth like, what her sign???. All these things I think are important especially when you don't personally know the creature. So since I'm guessing at what she like I'll go with
    Laines (french for wool) or
    Lanas (spanish for wool)
    I think these are pretty names, they sound like there's meaning behind them, a little mystique instead of all this cuteness. Since we are making so much fuss over her name I don't think it should be cute. I think it should be lady-like especailly since SHE specificly asked for an appropriate name. Thats what I think..

  46. Snorf.

    Only because when you call the sheep (OK, I know you don't really call sheep, but hang with me here), it would be fun to hear you yell, "SNORF! SNORF, where are you? SNOOOORRRRRF!"

  47. All those classical profiles made me think of the sphinx

    so sphinx it is

    or maybe cleopatra

  48. Muffaletta, after the sandwich.
    I think it suits her.

  49. She looks like an Eleanor to me.

  50. She looks like an Eleanor to me.

  51. I think Missy and it's so obvious I don't need to explain. But please anything but Kiwi. I have a husband and two sons born in NZ.

  52. She looks like a Tallulah to me! She's a pretty girl and deserves a pretty Native American name. It means Running or Leaping Water. Sheep run...and they leap too, don't they? Once in a while?!
    OK, but it DOES sound nice when you say it: Tallulah! Try it...Tal-lu-lah!

  53. Eleanor seems like a good name for a sheep. She looks like an Eleanor.

  54. MASHA - Russian pet form of MARY

    MATILDA - Means "strength in battle" from Germanic maht "might, strength" and hild "battle". This was the name of the wife of William the Conqueror.

    MURIEL - Anglicized form of MUIRGHEAL - Means "bright sea", derived from Gaelic muir "sea" and geal "bright".

    MEREDITH - From the Welsh name Maredudd or Meredydd, possibly meaning "great lord" or "sea lord". A famous bearer of this name as surname was George Meredith, novelist and poet from England.

    The first name though, that came to mind was GERTRUDE - Means "spear of strength", derived from the Germanic elements ger "spear" and þruþ "strength". This was the name of two famous 13th-century nuns.

    You could call her GERTIE - Pet form of GERTRUDE

    I leave you with GERLINDE - Derived from the Germanic element ger "spear" combined with linde "soft, tender".

  55. How precious! She looks like a "Lottie Lou" to me. Of course what do I know? Farm gal that I am, I have never owned sheep! The Farmers Daughter, Sher

  56. after seeing more pictures of yellow 21 she looks so much like a

    Willow ...

    I do hope I win!

  57. There is no denying that the Welsh have a stellar reputation when it comes to sheep. And Welsh names are so beautiful, so why on earth deny Yellow21 from attaining one of them?

    Guinevere: aptly meaning "fair and soft", and with all the noble associations that come from being named after the Wife of King Arthur, Guinevere the sheep will surely become a legend in the blogosphere.

  58. that she is already a legend on the Farm, goes without saying.

  59. Try this on for size:

    Dolly Lamb'a

    Dolly in honor of her mother - Doll Face. Lamb'a because Llama doesn't work, but Lamb'a does!

    I'm so proud of myself.....

  60. Okay, I have one. It starts with a B..BUT I would suggest that you actually call the sheep by it's middle name which is not a B. Does this disqualify me??

    Anyway here it is:


    ...after Bela Fleck from the band, Flecktones (Dave Mathews Band member is in this band).

    Your sheep has flecks in it's coat so I thought this would be appropriate! And you could just call it "Fleck."

  61. This post IS pretty funny, btw... Most mentioned were pretty common names but "Marie AntoiKnit" and "Dolly Lamba" were hilarious.

    I laughed out loud and then looked around me at work with a "sheepish grin."

    Get it?!

  62. All you bloggers (70 comments so far!) have submitted such clever and well thought out names and yet the obvious choice seems to have eluded you. I mean, really, so many of you are food bloggers, even.

    First, let me explain the problems inherent in the other names:

    Molly, Clementine, Mary, Lydia, Darla, Rachel, Gertrude, Patricia, Mona, Heidi, Fiona, Stella, Isolde, Chloe, Cassie, Tabitha, Kelsey, Hannah, Eleanor, Emma, Masha, Matilda, Muriel, Meredith, Gertie, Gerlinda, Lydia: too human
    Lambchop, Mutton, Muffaletta: dinner anyone?
    Girl: too plain
    Rita Merino: sorry, she's Border Leicester-Finn cross
    Friday: why not Saturday?
    Pepper: close, but mine is better
    Martha: she'll end up in prison
    Willow: is she a weeping tree?
    Cocoa, Chocolat, Cappucino, Mocha Merengue, Mocha Merona, Cocoa Puff Girl: she's not brown
    Mereno: too close to moron
    Rachel: in 30 min. she'll be dinner
    Gialloventuno: too hard to pronounce
    JauneVingt-et-un: see previous name
    Marie AntoiKnit: have you forgotten the guillotine?
    Chirpy Chirpy Sheep: she's not a bird
    Hot Rod Mama: she's not a car
    Skittles, Snickers, Sodapop: all rot your teeth
    Amarillo: she's not Texan and she doesn't want to be called yellow any more
    Euphemia, Eustacia: by that logic, why not Euthanasia?
    Mona Lucy: huh?
    Coriander: good spice to season your lamb curry...bad connotation for sheep, perhaps?
    Cashew: are you nuts?
    Thum-baaa-lina: even the prince that married Thumbelina disliked the name so he renamed her Maia
    LE Zed: Led Zeppelin?
    Cy Lynn: are you insane? (as in asylum)
    Frida: Kahlo me crazy, but I don't like it
    Juney: too late, it's October
    Cocoa Puff Girl: are you cuckoo?
    Viola Swamp, Urma, Violetta, Fluffernutter: make up your mind
    Patience: a virtue that will put her in the hospital (as in patients)
    Daisy Dew: sounds like doo-doo
    Cher: do you really want to see a sheep dressed in that skimpy outfit?
    Philomena: I don't mean to be a martyr, but she died when she was just 14
    Little Miss Can't-Be-Wrong: wrong, guess again
    Laines, Lanas: are you wooly? (means: not thinking clearly)
    Snorf: pardon me
    Sphinx, Cleopatra: ancient history
    Missy: excuse me, Missy, but am I missing something?
    Tallulah: nice for an actress, but this is a sheep here
    Lottie Lou: too precious
    Guinevere: you wouldn't want to receive a lot of spam, would you? (as in Spamalot)
    Dollie Lamb'a: may have to go into exile
    Bella Fleck: right idea (noticed the flecks on the coat), wrong name

    Now, don't get me wrong, I love you all and those are all great names and should receive honorable mentions, perhaps a hundred-way tie for second place.

    But, look at this sheep. Look deep into her soulful eyes (especially all you food bloggers out there) and tell me her first name isn't Pecorino.

    Look at her pepper-flecked wool and tell me her last name isn't Pepato.

    Pecorino Pepato, named after the ewe's milk cheese flecked with black peppercorns from Ragusa in Southern Italy.

    Name decided. Contest over.

  63. you could always go with "picture" as in " worth a thousand words"... after all, it says nothing about the *quality* of those words, just the quantity... ;-P

  64. I like "Sae" Pronounced: say. It's just plain fun to go to the pasture calling "Here Sae".

  65. that Brett is too cheeky for words.
    Do I admire his bravado or do i envy it?

    trouble is, Brett, cheese is something we all love to eat, especially Pecorino. And you know the rules, this queen (Guinevere) of sheep is definitely NOT for comsumption.

    If you call her Pecorino Pepato, someone might accidentally think she is delicious and send her to the Butcher's Block.

    And that would be absolutely no good at all.

  66. *just rolls laughing at recent additions to the name contest!*

    Brett --- okay -- that was just too funny! Dinner anyone? And then you offer a FOOD name!? Oh Wait! She's not an h'orderve either!

    At least you won't eat a weeping tree!

    Willow! --- classy, short and sweet. Easy on the ear too.

    No, its not for dinner! It wont rot your teeth, and its not a "human" name... And it also qualifies that it's not an A or B name too...

    Cheese indeed!

    Sweet dreams and good nite!

  67. Brett, Sam is absolutely right. Naming a sheep something edible is just borderline psychotic.

    A good friend says that the way to tell if a song is good is if you can sing it in chicken. I think the way to tell if a sheep's name is good is if you can bleat it. The thing about Rita Merino is that you can bleat it. "Riiiiiiiiiiiiiita Meriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiino."

    Try it. You won't easily be able to stop.

  68. Poor Pecorino, she loves the lyrical sound of her name, the way it rolls of the tongue. And the cute sound of the word Pepato makes her giggle inside.

    She feels sorry for those poor humans who don't understand what an honor it is to be named after a culinary product that has endeared the sheep population to humanity. Ewes are very proud of the milk they produce and are happy that they can share it with the shepherds who take such good care of them, as well as all their human friends. They know that they, through the milk and the wool they provide, are making a contribution to the farm where they live. They are very intelligent beings, and are very aware (apparently unlike some humans;P)that there is a difference between being named after a product of their flesh (Lambchop, Mutton, Muffaletta) and a product of their milk.

    Guinevere, Rita, Willow and so many of the other names are lovely and inspirational if you are human (or perhaps a tree). But sheep, like our dear Pecorino Pepato, prefer to be named after things that are meaningful in their world.

  69. She looks like a Leah (in French, Léa). Don't know why.

    My first idea was Adélaïde. But you know why, i had to change my mind.


  70. Tana - I hope you didn't spend to much money on you schooling. I hate to have to break it to you but sheep bleat with an aaaaa, not an iiiii. Had you suggested Ritaaaaaaaa Merino who knows, you might have been in with a slight chance.

    Brett. here is a little quote my father used to say to me when I was a kid. I didn't unerstand it then, but I certainly do now, thanks to you:

    "Me thinkst thou dost protest too much"

  71. According to the Most Common Female Names in the U.S, Karen is an 'unlucky' 13th most popular name with over 1.6M American females sharing it. On the contrary, Guinevere is so unique and special, she isn't even listed.
    Our lovely lady-ewe, Guinevere, as I am personally apt to call Yellow21, may be a sheep but that doesn't mean she has to act like one and follow the rest of the herd like, you know, well, an ordinary sheep would do.

  72. I can just end this all and tell you what I like. Cashew. I would be so proud and happy. And if that very cool Jeff person were to be my honorary owner, I would be the happiest sheep in the continental US.

    All my love -
    Yellow 21

  73. A mother knows....and that Jeff sure seems swell. I want only the best for my baby, and I can't think of anything better than any one of his wonderful names and his honorary ownership of my girl. *sniffle* I luv Jeff!

  74. Oh my. Since I KNOW that Y21 and Doll Face are NOT online right now (because they are in the barn and I am at the computer), only one word comes to mind. Well, two. One: Shameless! Two: Jeff! Oh, wait, Three: LOLOLOLOL! Hell, four: I love it! (or was that three?) Definitely time for bed!

  75. P.S. Where oh where does Sam manage to find these links?

    P.P.S. Hi Lisolette,
    Welcome to the farm! Karen (despite what Sam's list says) is indeed a beautiful name. In fact, about 9 years ago I named one of my sheep Karen. Unfortunately, well, there might just be some truth to Sam's 'unlucky 13' list thing. She was a wonderful girl. It was very sad. Um, any other ideas?

    Oh my. The word verification thingie is iceccwp. That must mean something. Thank god it's at least legible.

  76. *puts on halo of innocence*

    I have no idea what you are talking about. But Y21 and DF's comments do bring a tear to my eye.

    PS - Maybe Y21 and DF built a computer in the barn out of tractor parts and tin foil...?

  77. Hi Jeff,
    Oh, here, have a tissue to dry your eye. I certainly can't offer you any tin foil. There is none to be had on the farm. I believe it was all used up making your halo! : )

  78. Sam/Tana,
    Hmmmm. I thought that "Riiiiiita Meriiiiiiiiino" sounded sort of wrong. (Yes, I do actually say/yell/shout/sing the things y'all tell me to, like "Snoooorrrff!" and "Tal-lu-lah!")

    And of course, Tana, I'm sure you read that I can't find any Merino in her ancestry, so it would really just have to be Rita, which is not a bad name at all. . .

    Glad to see you came back to defend your 'cheesy' name!

    The judges literally spent hours today poring over all the entries. Hopefully a decision/winner will be decided soon. In the meantime, it's still not to late to enter a new name, defend the name you've already entered, or bash somebody else's entry! : )

  79. Maybe you should name this sheep Grace because only by the grace of GOD are you not going to give up and just keep Y21!

    This thread is crazy!


  80. It's so obvious that her name should be Jane Austen.

  81. She remind me of "Bomuld". The Danish word for cotton. The fun part is that "uld" is the Danish word for wool, and she sure looks like a hug will be soft. Since B is bad, what about "Uld"? Or even better "Vat", this is the softest cotton you use for cleaning babies ears or removing makeup from your eyes at night.

    - And I would SO love to see the face of my boyfriend telling him I won a live sheep - he will be afraid she will have to live with me and the cat in too little space and he will turn all green in the face. I will promise you a picture of this if I win!

  82. BTW the Danish word for "yellow" is "Gul". That would be a cute name too! It is pronounced just like "guld" - the word for gold and I am sure this sheep has a heart of gold, look at her eyes and agree!

  83. Well, as just another Dane entering this contest I vote for Dana or simply Dane. Please, don't let Liselotte win! She already has a beautiful garden with plenty of room ro play with her cute dog. I live in a small flat in Copenhagen with two stupid cats - I NEED to win this sheep. Pretty please.....

  84. I've had such a hard time choosing a new name (since 'Molly' is already taken). There are so many good names already suggested! How about Camilla or Camile? I don't think either of those was suggested yet.

  85. How about Mushmello? Thats what my little one calls marshmallows.She cant say marshmallow. And your sheep does kind of look like a marshmallow thats gotten a little to toasty around the edges.You know, a mushmello, all warm and toasty on the outside,but white ,warm and gooey on the inside. A perfect sheep name.If she has baby one day you could call it S'mores. Darn it! I want a sheep!

  86. Jess. When I look at yellow 21 one, I see the noble and legendary qualities so fitting for someone about to be called Guinevere.

    When you suggest the name Camilla, however, the first person who comes to mind is a pretender to the throne - the new wife of Pince Charles. And, everyone knows Camilla looks like a horse, not a beautiful sheep.

  87. First of all let me say that I still think my sheep name MUSHMELLO is brilliant. But just in case you were not totally swayed by my sheep naming abilities I have gotten on the Ball and come up with a few more.

    1.Cotton ball...okay its been done before.
    2.Matzo she jewish?
    3.Moth she insect repellent?
    4.Meatball...will she become one?
    5.Pingpong she athletic?
    6.Furball...does she look anything like what your cat might yack up?
    7.Snot ball... does she have allergies? ball...does she have a handicap?

    Okay,this is just a few to get you started. As far as the other people who are trying to come up with noble and dignified names, I say humbug. Sheep eat,poop and baa. I think snot ball is a fine name for a sheep!

  88. Ohmmmm.....I have decided to meditate and become one with the sheep.Our minds have converged,and now I can say without a doubt that the sheep wants her name to be MUSHMELLO. So please get with the program and give her the name her heart yearns for! And I will give you a few other names she toyed with.

  89. Oh no! I made a big mistake. please forgive the previous entry with the name Butterbean. I totally forgot about your sensitivity to the dreaded B-names.I have some Benadryl if you need it.I wouldnt want you to break out in a rash lol.

  90. Cherrybegonia,
    You have a very good point there! (And your entry of Grace has been noted.) Not sure if it is the thread that has gone crazy or The Secret Panel Of Judges. . .

    Okay, Jane Austen officially entered. Thanks for playing, whoever you are!

    Welcome to the farm! Definitely some interesting and clever names there (and a handy lesson in Danish as well). Hmmm... a picture of your green boyfriend is very tempting. . .

    Hi Pernille,
    Welcome to the farm! And not to worry about Liselotte (now that name I like, but she didn't enter it). She entered Karen, and as I noted above, that just won't work. Been there, done that. You don't want to know the rest of the story. And we haven't heard from Liselotte again yet, so I guess she'll just have to be happy with the garden and the dog.

    Yep, Molly is definitely taken. In fact, the little Molly Doodle Monster is sitting on my lap as I type this. Got you down for Camilla or Camile (though I think it might be Camille). They weren't suggested yet, but Sam did already jump in and bash your Camilla earlier today. . .

    Oh Wendy,
    So many names! You sure are giving this your all (or would that be, ball?) I, um, really don't know how to put this politely, so I'll just come right out and say it. Honey, are you on medication?

    P.S. Wendy! Benadryl starts with a B!

  91. what about Meringue or Merry, for short?

  92. Farmgirl - I wondered why Lisolette had't entered her own name too, it's a really good 'un. Almost up there with Guinevere.

  93. Okay how about MARZIPAN? Sweet and sugary. If I win I will sculpt a sheep from MARZIPAN and put it on a cupcake for you. Of course you wouldnt get to eat it(or visit it for that matter), but I would send you a picture to your e-mail.You would get the satisfaction of knowing that a certain cupcake was created in honor of your(our) very special sheep. Can I have the sheep now!!!!PLEASE!

  94. Got here late. Huff-puff. I want you to name that sheep, Ewe du Jaune. From French that would sorta be "yellow sheep."

    I respectfully say you should choose this name, because I'm the only person who italicized the name when I submitted it. Not only that, but I don't speak French. I had to work it out on the Internet.

  95. paul - sheep aren't really French, are they - they are more Welsh or New Zealandish. Now perhaps you should go and find out how to say 'yellow sheep' in Welsh. (Although a pretty welsh name like Guinevere would be better, don't you think?)

  96. Wendy,
    Tempting. Very tempting. I adore cupcakes. And sheep. Not so fond of marzipan, though, but I guess it wouldn't matter since I wouldn't get to eat my marzipan sheep.

    Your entry has been noted. But. . . well, Sam does have a point. Any other ideas?

    You made it back! And entered your own name! Okay, the judges would like to know two things: (yes, they went to the link you left---but they probably shouldn't say anything positive or negative about it here. Oh, what the heck--it was too precious for words.) Here are the questions:

    1. How do you actually pronounce Lisolette?

    2. Do you have any more information to add to your entry? For example, background about the name, what it means, why it is appropriate for this sheep, anything at all that might sway the judges in your favor. . .

    We're getting down to the wire here, everyone. Now is the time to defend your name or bash somebody else's! Good luck and have fun!

  97. I could almost hear the violins playing when I read liselotte's post.Sweet,but not as sweet as MARZIPAN.Lies a lot,listerene,lice lot, and lice latte are not the best names for America's most loved(and wanted) sheep.I think that your sheep should reflect your love for food.MARZIPAN is perfect,just like are ewe is! Think of all the M food names you could name her offspring.Maraschino(cherry),Mayonnaise,Macaroni,Macadamia,Marshmallow,Matzo,Manicotti,Mascarpone,Malted milk,Mango,Macaroon,Mozzarella,Minestrone,Mostaccioli,Muenster,Muesli,Muffin,Mushroom,etc..Well I should get going I have so much to do. I have to figure out how to bubble wrap a cupcake:)

  98. Lisolette, huh! Well I think it was actually Farmgirl's own idea to enter that name, not Lisolette's. oh yay, oh yay! Big news of the day - Farmgirl thinks up the winning name for her own sheep.

    And it had crossed my mind, too, that Lisolette might work if the fair and soft Guinevere didn't on this occasion. And I was a bit quicker of the mark than Lisolette herself.

    So, just be done with it and call the sheep Samantha, already.

  99. Okay, first of all I just want to say that there is nothing better than going over and reading the comments on your own blog and being made to laugh hysterically, especially when you were seconds away from bashing your head into the wall from spending over an hour trying to upload a ^&*@$# weekend dog blogging photo! Thank you so much for the laughs! I really needed them!

    Now, onto business. Hmmm. It seems we have a bit of a *hisssss* catfight on our hands. Oooh! Catfight! Catfight! Sorry, couldn't resist.

    Oh my. Oh my. I'm not sure what to say. I do not like the name 'lice latte' at all. It really leaves a bad taste in one's mouth. But then again I am the one who encouraged name bashing. Definitely have to give you credit for creativity. And all those 'M' names for babies. . .

    Any comments on the 'lies a lot,' 'listerine,' 'lice latte' thing? Were you called these names as a child? (Probably not, since you are Danish. Thank goodness!)

    Ah, cupcakes! I would have already had my cupcake post up if it hadn't been for the above mentioned posting problems (by the way, I just put up a HELP ME post at Food Blog S'Cool if any of you might have some words of wisdom for a farmgirl on the edge. . .) Now I only have enough energy left to crawl into the pantry and inhale a few cupcakes.

    I remember being surprised by your admission that Lisolette was indeed a fine choice for a name. (LOVED your 'oh yay, oh yay! comment by the way. . .This is not a rigged contest. I am not trying to name my own sheep! There's no need. I get to keep it anyway. : )

    I also remember thinking (more than once over the past few days) that anyone could have entered the name Lisolette after reading our comments.

    LOL, Sam, this is how fried my brain is. It took me several seconds to figure out where on earth you were suddenly getting the name Samantha!

    It is definitely time for me to go outside and hang with Dan or something.

  100. Hi Liselotte,
    I am so embarrassed. I cannot believe I misspelled your name--more than once! But at least I did get it right a few times, too. (Oh geez, double embarrassment. Wendy The Basher spelled it correctly!)

    And I can assure you the judges have been saying it correctly (well, the American pronunciation).

    Hmmmm. Her own banner? Would it have cupcakes on it? : )

  101. I have heard that I "dost protest too much." Perhaps Sam is worried that I will reveal some of the other meanings of her controversial choice for a name for our beloved sheep.

    While Sam says Guinevere means "fair and soft (and "smooth and white)," it appears there are other meanings she neglects to tell us. Some translate the name as "white shadow" or worse "white phantom." Both translations are epithets referring to Guinevere as the shadow that "falls over the knights of the Round Table and leads to Arthur's ruin."

    Why would noble Guinevere, who as Sam tells us, was the wife of King Arthur, be considered the cause of the fall of Arthur's kingdom? What Sam neglects to mention is that Guinevere may have also been Lancelot's lover and her adultery (back then considered a grievous sin) played a key roll in the demise of Arthur's kingdom.

    Seems to me that Guinevere is as controversial a choice as Camilla, a name that Sam herself objects to.

    So, how much time do you think will pass before Sam doth protest?

  102. I haven't looked at these comments in over a week, and I have to say that I now know why Sam hasn't been blogging all week -- she has been over here defending her names!

    I can hardly wait for the announcement, even though I didn't submit a name.

  103. Brett, Brett, didn't really just blame Guinivere for the fall of the Round Table, did you? Because it's always the woman's fault? rolls eyes

    I once again submit Larb, or as she would say herself, Laaaaaaarb

  104. I was not trying to bash OL' LICE A LOT.I was merely trying to point out that her name could easily be mispronounced. She very well could be a fine lady who's grandmother gave her this somewhat pretty danish name when she first layed eyes on her.But I have my suspicions about her.The internet provides great anonymity to the user. For all we know, her or his real name is Bubba(notice the B).He most likly came up with the Liselotte name from a learn to talk danish web site.Bubba's blog site is just a ploy.He figures if he waves a cupcake covered banner in front of you, you will cave in.I bet he cant even bake a good cupcake! I have also heard that the correct translation of Liselotte is "DANG HE'S UGLY".Farm girl, do not be fooled. I on the other hand am a sheep hugging, food blog loving,one mother of a cupcake baking fool! Being a farmer you know that lice and sheep are never a good thing.Its just plain gross.When you think of the name I have chosen, it brings all kinds of wonderful thoughts to your mind.MARZIPAN,MARZIPAN,MARZIPAN....make it your mantra. Marzipan is also more in keeping with your other pets names. Well I have to go now. I have to whip up a batch of double chocolate chunk cupcake batter for OL' LICE A LOT to drown her sorrows in. It's nothing personal Bubba. Alls fair in love and sheep wars.

    P.S What do think about MARASCHINO for a sheep name? The more I say it,the more I like it.Please enter this name also. Im going with the "dont put all your eggs in one basket theory.

  105. Liselotte wasn't kidding. Y'all aren't gonna believe that link.

    Then there's the one she left the other day. Did you see this?

    Great comeback.

    Hi Jennifer,
    I can't wait for the announcement either! : )

    You crack me up. And your second submission of Larb is duly noted. (Now that link was an interesting early morning diversion the other day. . .) Where on earth do you people find these things?

    For those of you who missed the comment to which I am referring (it's on the other contest post), here is a little example of how Kitchen Mage's mind works:

    "Can I still get in another late entry? How about larb? It sounds almost sheepish; it'll sound good when the other sheep come by to ask, "can Larb come out to play?"; while it's made with most meat, i've not seen it done with lamb so it's not cruelly self-referential; everyone loves larb; and any food that can get someone singing this song by the 14th post in the thread really deserves a critter named after it."

    Wendy, Wendy, Wendy,
    I'm speechless. Hell, you even managed to win Liselotte over!

    I can't even imagine what'll show up here next. . .

  106. Kitchenmage, do I personally believe Guinevere (if indeed she ever existed) was responsible for the downfall of the Round Table? Do I personally even care if she had relations with Lancelot? Of course not, on both counts. Unfortunately, some writers throughout history (see links in my previous entry) have apparently made such accusations. I'm just sharing what I read. My only concern is that our beloved Yellow 21 (aka Pepato) be named after a figure whose name is clouded in controversy;)

    Although Pepato is of course my favorite name, I thought our nice little ewe might like to consider being named Ewenice after a favorite character Eunice from the old Carol Burnett Show. Since the name is pronounced Yoo-niss, it could also be referring to this lovely sheep's existential ewe-ness. Greek in origin, the name means "she conquers." Wow!

    Or, in the name of randomness, name Yellow 21 after my current Blogger word verification "Coletta." (I had to share that I actually got a female name as a word verification. I usually get unpronouncable things like xrlljqg).

  107. I realize owning a sheep is a huge responsibility. Their is a infinite amount of skill necessary to produce a happy ewe. So while Bubba has been stuffing his face with copious amounts of chocolate hazelnut cupcakes*(He posted a picture of the cupcakes.Did he send you any Farm girl? NOOoooooo..... Who do you think is going to eat all of those? He's a greedy little bugger!) I have been busy sharpening my sheep raising skills.
    1.SHEEP SHEARING..I have spent the last 2 weeks growing out the hair on my legs. Using my husbands beard trimmer I have been practicing my shearing skills. I have done quite well. No second cuts, and I only nicked my fetlock once(thats sheep talk for ankle).
    2.DETERMINING THE AGE OF SHEEP...Since I am a barmaid, I no longer ask for I.D. to determine that a person is 21. I now pry open their mouths and look for wear patterns on their teeth.
    3.CHECKING FOR SUITABILITY OF A FLOCK SIRE...Now when a date comes to pick up my lovely daughter,I feel their hair for crimp and fineness. I also check for proper confirmation by making the young man jog back and forth in the kitchen. Of course I check for proper muscle tone:)
    4.CASTRATING...Any date not suitable for future son in law is quickly dealt with. This would be any that have purple hair,body piercings,tattoos,or a tee shirt that says I love to party.I am quite handy with a elasticator.
    5.TAGGING SHEEP...Last night while my husband slept,I ear tagged him. Have you ever seen a grown man cry? From now on he is to be reffered to as sheep number 165.
    6.SHEEP DOG...Every good shepherd needs a proper sheep dog. Unfortunately all I have available is a very fluffy american eskimo. Not a problem. Please see #1. A little shearing and some carefully applied black spots I cut out of post it notes, and now I have a very good likeness of a border collie. He hasnt herded anything yet, but he did growl at me.

    I am the shepherd.I also will not bathe for three more days so I can become accustomed to the smell of my charge.

  108. Cupcakes, shmpucakes. I baked her bread. Not just any bread mind you, sourdough with starter that has traveled from California to the UK and back to the left coast. Soudough that rose slowly in my refrigerator overnight and was then lovingly shaped into the only appropriate shape--because I really larb her! It's got rosemary, because everyone knows lambs love rosemary--and it's the rosemary that's been adopted by my adorable new kitten, so it must be special.

    Larb, larb, larb, larb. I love my little larblet!

  109. Great bread you baked there Kitchenmage! But it doesnt change the fact that LARB sounds like the noise a sheep would make if it got hold of a bad salt lick...
    Go ahead Farm girl and Kitchenmage and try this. Stick your tongue out. No... I said stick your tongue way out,all the way out as far as it will go. Now pretend you just ate the most rancid cashew ever and say... LARB,GAG,PATOOEY,PATOOEY!

    Doesnt matter if you believe me or not. Just the thought of Kitchenmage drooling all over herself brings a smile to my face.Cause I KNOW she tried it! LOL

  110. Of course, FG could declare Larb to be of a culture where everyone gets 1000 names and dub her Larb Butterbean Muffaletta Pepper Coriander Matzo Ball Pecorino Pepato Clementine Kiwi Meringue Cashew Skittles Fluffernutter Sugarlump Marzipan Cupcake Chocolat Mocha Cappucino. As long as Larb is first.



    Enough Said!

  112. Oh my.
    I don't even know where to start, and I really should go check on Yellow 21 (and all the other critters), but I figured I should at least say something here.

    *staring at keyboard unable to think of what to type*

    I can't believe your word verithingie was Coletta. Well, actually I guess I can. I had "JoeWC" the other day. But really, I don't think we should name a sheep after a Word Verification. So random, so impersonal, so. . . wrong.(So sorry.)

    Who on earth are you baking all those things for? I don't know what else to say except you've put up a wonderful well, for lack of a better word, 'fight.' I've gotten such a kick out of all your comments. Good Luck! : )

    LOLOLOLOLOL! I could not stop laughing after reading about your latest 'adventures.' Forget Yellow 21. Do you want a job?

    I can't believe you eartagged your husband. (But he sounds like a bit of a wimp; none of the baby lambs cry when they get eartagged.)

    P.S. Just wondering here--is this lovely dating daughter the same one who is still unable to say 'marshmallow' correctly?

    Yum. Bread. For me. Nowhere in sight. Kinda like the cupcakes. A girl cannot live on food links alone. Which is why I had to bake my own cupcakes. At least I should have enough strength to make it through the final judging process.

    Oh Kitchenmage. . . Larblet????

    P.S. That 1000 name things isn't a bad idea. But nix Fluffernutter as (and I said this somewhere in a comment once) that is one of Smudge's nicknames. And I think 'Cappuccino' has two c's.

    And Wendy,
    I think I need some fresh air. Marzipan Cream Of Sheep is sounding very normal. Help!

  113. Farm girl, No, dating daughter is not the child who calls marshmallows mushmellos. My oldest is in college. We had two children. We tried and tried(we really like to try)to get pregnant with a third child.We gave up trying. I stopped using birth control thinking that I could not get pregnant. Tens years later-SURPRISE! I was pregnant with the mushmello child. Its a good thing I didnt use the elasticater on my hubby huh!

  114. I think that:
    and Brownie would suit her perfectly!!

  115. I live on a sheep farm and i have a sheep that looks exactly like her. She is a Suffolk, columbia mixed. I think her name should be delilah.

  116. LUANNE or Betty

  117. i say a mikal!!!!!!

  118. I own a pet sheep, and her name is "Ciqala," which is Native American for "Little One." She is a cross between a Montadale ewe and a Southdown ram. She is currently pregnant, and is due around Easter '08. I was thinking of naming her lamb(s) Peep (which could be for either gender) or Rebaa (for a female). I'm not sure, though. Any of which you could use :) We also had a pet sheep, he was her half brother, and was a wether. We named him "Little Mr. Stud Muffin," although he wasn't able to produce any offspring of his own :P He went to the market because he was a male (I have no power over my neighbor, which is where my sheep lives).

  119. I Think either BOOOOOOOOOOB or BAAAARBRA would be cool if you were watching Eastenders!You get it Barbra Winsor (Peggy Mitchel)

  120. I'm from the UK and keep Portland sheep. My favorite name just has to be Baa Humbug. What do you think? I also have a Baa Bara!!

  121. I'm know I'm really late by several years, but your next sheep could be called Lamborghini.

  122. amy: Umm ya I'm late too by just a few years but what about shatzee it means sweetheart in german....just a thought....

  123. if it was a boy i would so call it ringo baaah!!

    love wendy and lisolettes comments been laughing so much.

    i do quite like mushmallow though!!

    corkers... i dunno why its just quite random!!

    love this sheep naming thing
    LMAO! Becky :)

  124. what about Nancy it is such a sweet name. i love it <3

  125. I had a suffolk ram named Howard. I just said to him, "Howard be thy name." And it stuck. Then, I got him a ewe. Her name was Eunice. Sweet Eunice. Her personality was so small and puny, that she became Sweet Unit. Their lambs were Beany and Cecil. Beany went on to become The Great Lambini because he could escape from anything. I would awaken in the morning to the sound of bleating which would tell me immediately that the Great Lambini had done it again. Sure enough. He would be capering across the front lawn while the flock pressed their noses to the fencing.

  126. I think she looks like Dark Chocolate or just Chocolate because of her dark colored wool, now if i can only find names for my 2 new lambs.....