Tuesday, September 20

Daily Farm Photo: 9/20/05

Green, Green, Green--But Not For Much Longer


  1. I am excited to see how the farm changes with the seasons!!
    Beautiful photo.

  2. Good morning Wendy!
    Your comment just gave me a wonderful idea. I can take photos of the same spots (like this one) at different times of the year and compare them. Oh, this should be fun! Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. What am I doing here in the dreary Netherlands while there is such beauty around the corner...come to think of it, around my corner as well I quess. Eye of the beholder and stuff. Congrats on another great photo. Still posting as anonymous, cant seem to figure out how to change that. greetz Baking Soda, Holland

  4. That's a great Idea FG!
    I was thinking that when it is white and you are freezing you will be able to look back at the photo and see summer :)

  5. FG: Thanks for sharing. It's not so clear out across the border this morning but it's supposed to clear up.
    In the winter you'll be taking pics of the sparkling snow and we'll still "Ooo and Ahhh."

  6. Oh, you people with your trees with leaves that change colors. I'm so jealous. I hope you post lots of photos of that beautiful fall foilage for me. I love your idea.

    Beauty Joy Food

  7. Great green photo.

    I'm looking forward to say "great red photo" and "great white photo" about the same spot.

  8. Farmgirl-

    I've just today discovered your wonderful blog and have posted comments about the hornets nest and your farming in a dress post.
    Was it a bald-faced hornet that got you?
    I've added a link to your great blog from ours, I hope that's OK with you.

  9. It's so beautiful there. Since I usually only see pretty places like that when I am on vacation...it makes me want to take a vacation! I look forward to seeing the seasons change.

  10. Hi Baking Soda,
    Welcome to the farm! How wonderful to have a visitor all the way from Holland. I bet it can't be too dreary over there. : ) Not sure why blogger won't let you post your name. Did you try checking the "other" box? Well, at least if you sign your name I'll know it's you. Looking forward to hearing from you again.

    Hi Clare,
    I definitely like the idea. Now, according to that article about Ansel Adams (that Cookiecrumb left a link to in yesterday's comments), I guess I should be making a big mark exactly where I stand to take each picture so I can perfectly recreate it next time around! I was thinking about that this morning and smiling.

    Hi Cherrybegonia,
    Yes, I'm sure there will be snow pics. I know there will be ice pics. And then in late winter there will be baby lamb pics!

    Hi Amy,
    This is how bad I used to be. (I can't believe I'm admitting this.) The last place I lived in California was in a tiny 1937 house in an old downtown neighborhood. In front of the sidewalk were those squares of dirt where you could plant things. Ours had a little fig tree in it. Three years in a row I thought the tree was dying because all of the leaves were falling off. . .

    Hi Mijo,
    I do, too!

    Hi Jim,
    Welcome to the farm! Yes, I received all your nice comments. And please, feel free to link away! Thanks so much. I'll definitely be heading over to check out your blog.

    No, I think that I was stung by a red wasp. They are nasty little things that get mad at the drop of a hat--or dress, I guess I should say. Oh, that hurt! If anyone is wondering what I'm talking about, click here.

    Hi Socalfoodie,
    So glad your comment just slipped in while I was writing this because I didn't get a chance the other day to give you your personal: Welcome to the farm! Yes, the changing seasons are definitely a treat. After 11 years, though, I'm still surprised several times each year. It's like you have to remember a whole set of "things" every time the season changes (not to mention dig out all different clothes). I cannot believe how many coats and jackets I own. : )

  11. Oh! It's still green there!

    ::pouts and kicks brown grass::

    Not that it ever stays green here... living in the "banana belt" of the Pacific NW. :-)

    You know, a slide show fading from one season to the next would be lovely.

  12. it's green here in the PNW in the spring! course, it's raining then and you can't get outside to enjoy it...but...

    i've obviously been working too much! i'm getting behind and missing some big occasions! a belated congrats, FG. i think all your photos are my favorite! i grew up on a farm, so each one takes me back home for a few minutes a day. looking forward to 100s more in the days/years to come.

  13. Yes I did it! Sorry to bother you again, but I'm so proud of the computer nono me. Having created my own blog and a "real" identity. Only to discover that all my yummy breadphotos are in a yahoo space, yet to be unveiled by me into my blog ::sigh::. Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. Hi Schatzli,
    It's always great to hear from you. Sounds like you are having quite a summer! I bet the UK will be beautiful, but what happened to Greece?

    Hi Mrs. D,
    Welcome to the comments section of the farm! Well, yes, it's still green here. Sounds like you are in an interesting little corner of the world up there.

    Um, yeah, a fading slide show sounds great. But you must either have me confused with someone who actually knows how computers work, or you never read this post. : )

    Hi Michelle,
    Thanks so much. Well, I didn't realize you grew up on a farm--that's wonderful. And nice that I can whisk you back there--without your having to do any chores! Oh, I love the rain. Plants love the rain!

    Hello again Baking Soda,
    Congratulations! You are obviously well on your way to figuring out blogger. Next will be snatching those bread photos out of cyberspace--I tried to go to that link you left the other day but it didn't work. You, a bother? Never! : )

  15. Socalfoodie,
    Oh my goodness. You weren't kidding when you said I inspired you. Wow, you mention me all over your brand new food blog! I'm so flattered. Congratulations on joining the yummy (and highly addicting) blogosphere. Wishing you the best of luck and lots of fun. : )

  16. Really, Farmgirl, you are expecting changing colours soon? I did notice this weekend that a few leaves have turned colour here but I think we are much farther north than you are.

    I too am really looking forward to the seasonal shots taken from the same angle.

    -Elizabeth, just on the north side of Lake Ontario

  17. Beautiful, but then again, it really is a beautiful world--I may have issues with people on occasion, but the planet's pretty! I've been talking about doing exactly that seasonal photo thing myself, with this tree out in front of my place as a focal point. It's almost the view from my front porch.

    As for the other people from the Pacific Northwet, I don't know what they are talking about: it's gloriously green out there, down here at least. Of course, my place gets 120 inches of rain a year (yep, 120, that's not a typo) so it's not a fair comparison to most of the region, but still. :-)

  18. Kitchenmage, you may get 120... we get somewhere around 22, tops. Sure the woods are still green but every stretch of grass is brown brown brown! It's a rather flukey thing actually. We're in Olympic Rainshadow Central, which means the rain clouds just come to a screeching halt west of here and dump everything.

  19. Hi Elizabeth,
    Yep, they're starting to turn already, especially up above us on the ridge. You'll see. . .

    Hi Kitchenmage,
    Yes, it is a beautiful world! Yes, do the seasonal photo thing! Yes, I am envious of all that rain--and so are my fields and plants! : )

    Hi Mrs D.,
    I guess I was right--you are in an interesting (and stereotype-defying) spot up there. Wow, twenty-two inches of rain isn't much at all. But, then again, at least you get to look at the ocean. . . : )


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