Monday, September 5

Daily Farm Photo: 9/5/05

Back Rub For Big Chip


  1. Good Morning, Susan ! I check your site every day and I am always keen on your photos. They are so inspiring and look so romantic - though I can understand that your work, especially at this time of the year, is not romantic at all... Thank you answering to my last comment, I will browse - rather READ - your foodie memories in the evening.If you don't mind I would like to paste your answer to my comments, because I think what you have written about lard might be an interesting information for many of readers ! Have a really good day, angelika - and gino, of course

  2. I so want a sheep hug!!!!!!

  3. I have to wonder how he got the name "Big Chip."


  4. Hi Angelika,
    Thanks for all the kind words. And sure, help yourself to my lard comment. I think it's so funny that lard has become such a chic ingredient in so many trendy restaurants lately.

    Hi Shakthi,
    Well, you're one up on me. It's right above Missouri, but I still haven't made it up to Iowa yet. One of these days. . .Sounds like you had a wonderful experience there. Glad I can help bring back some of your memories--without having to do any chores! : )

    Oh Clare,
    I know what would happen. One hug from Big Chip and you'd be trying to sneak a sheep into your downtown apartment in Sydney. Now what would little kitty Kiri say about that? (Not to mention Casey!) : )

    Hi Pablo,
    Wonder no more! Just click under the photo where it says "Big Chip" or click here and read the first few paragraphs.

  5. I want a sheep hug too ! Big Chip is adorable.

  6. You need to experience a Kiri hug so I dont feel so jealous.....


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