Wednesday, September 14

I'm Alive, But The Phone Is Dead

Greetings from the library! Yesterday saw a record number of visitors at Farmgirl Fare, and I think that our little dial-up connection just couldn't handle it. I woke up this morning to find the phone line dead.

Okay, I suppose it might have had something to do with the fierce thunderstorm that blew in last night and knocked out the power not 15 minutes after Clare and I simultaneously published our trans-continental cookie posts. I was hoping the phone would miraculously fix itself, but since we're the last house on both the phone and power lines, often we are the only ones affected, and nobody knows there's a problem but us. I gave in at 1:00pm and drove into town to report the outage to the phone company. (Don't you just love it when you call to tell them that your phone is dead, and they want a number where they can reach you? And yes, I actually do have a cell phone. It starts working about 25 miles from the farm.)
After establishing the fact that yes, we do have livestock, but no, the front gate is not locked, I gave what I hoped were fairly clear instructions on how to find the farm. I was cheerfully assured that, despite our lack of a physical address and no way for anyone to reach me, someone would fix the problem within 24 hours.

I suppose I still have until midnight to get a Daily Farm Photo up. I'm grateful the phone was working yesterday, though I couldn't help but smile this morning when I realized the irony of ending last night's post by saying, Isn't technology wonderful?


  1. Oh it was definetly us and not the storm that knocked out your power!
    It is amazing your life. How people's lives are so theirs, so different and wonderful.
    (technology is still pretty crazy since you can still update your website from a library - no telling how far away from the farm.)

  2. So glad you made it! You're one of my favorite blogs - so I don't know what I'd do without you. Those cookies look amazing!

  3. LOL!
    see now you feel a million miles away again *sigh*

  4. Technology?! HA! My dh calls computers -- smart alec typewriters. (I won't repeat his REAL word.. am sure you can input that yourself.) And how did we manage all those years without the internet? I know what I did -- I lived on a "farm" with real horses! Now I do know what real farm life is like -- and its not a walk in the park. I can imagine your frustration with the phone company -- those poor city slickers. (of a town of maybe 2500?) Can you tell "have been there and done that"? Hope they get you figured out soon!

  5. Hey, keep the faith, sister! Your posts are worth waiting for. Dare I ask? where abouts in Missouri are you?

  6. Clare, you're so right. Miles and miles away.

    Hope they fix your phone line soon, Farmgirl!


    P.S. Oh come on, Heather, tell!! I'm dying to know what your dh's REAL word for "typewriters" is... (eheheheheheehee)

  7. I'm glad you're back online! Crazy-where would we be without technology, right? I posted a bread question for you in response to your fence photo from Tuesday...just in case you missed it. ;)

  8. Hi Wendy,
    I'm beginning to think you might be right about just who knocked out the power and phone the way this crazy internet connection has been working (or, I should say, not working). : )

    Hi Michelle,
    Well, thank you!

    Hi Clare,
    Yes, it was weird being so "close" to you and then zap! zap! you are completely gone.

    Hi Heather,
    I like the 'smart alec typewriter' line of thinking. I am not usually one to embrace technology very quickly, but even I cannot remember how I lived without the internet--especially way out here. LOL, a town of 2500 is practically a major metropolis! (more about that in my comment in the daily farm photo post above this one)

    Hi Pablo,
    Thanks so much. We're in the part of Missouri that got struck by lightning!

    Actually we're in the southern half of the state, but if I revealed any more than that, somebody might start doing a little sleuthing and discover that I am actually writing this blog from a seventh floor apartment in Brooklyn. : )

    And that reminds me of one of my favorite classic movies. Perfect timing, as the (gasp) holidays are just around the corner (I saw Christmas items for sale the other day!). It is called "Christmas In Connecticut," and it is fabulous. Start looking for a copy now, but don't read the box or anything about the story because they'll probably give it away. Just watch it.

    Hi Elizabeth,
    Fixed in under 24 hours as promised! I thought it was going to be fixed when I got back from the library yesterday, as I passed the phone company repair truck on the way home. A good sign! Then I got to our unmarked driveway and saw that it had been marked with a bright pink ribbon tied around a tree. A bad sign. Somebody was planning to return.

    When the repair guy called today on the freshly fixed phone, he told me he has been in this area for the last day and a half. Apparently we weren't the only ones to get hit by lightning. A farm a few miles away had their phone cable hit in three places.

    Hi Kristi,
    By now you've probably already read the comment I left you over at Interrupted Wanderlust regarding your bread baking question. My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Let me know if it didn't make sense. Happy baking!

    Hi Amy,
    Hope this afternoon Farm Foto Fix helps! My morning was a little discombobulated, too. And I was pretty bummed that I missed putting up a daily photo for the first time. Ooooooh. A surprise? I love surprises!


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