Monday, November 21

Can You Tell What This Is?

I'd Never Seen Anything Like It Before

Four more photo hints will be posted throughout the day.

Here's Another One

Moving Out For A Slightly Larger View

Putting Things Into Perspective

And Bear Attacks!

Interesting guesses all (especially the 'bored water-trough fairies' idea--love it). The black thing is a 100-gallon Rubbermaid stock tank (that holds water for large livestock), but it is turned upside down. It is sitting in the grass, totally out in the open, nothing is overhead, and nothing was sitting on top of it or anywhere near it.

The other night it was very cold (12 degrees F in the morning) and extremely windy (notice the fur on Bear's back blowing up?). It did not rain. The only thing I can figure out is that the wind blew up tiny 'waves' of the water that was sitting on the tank (from a previous rain) and it was so cold that they immediately froze. Neither Joe nor I have ever seen anything like it before. The same thing happened on two other tanks sitting several yards away from this one. I suppose there must be a scientific term for these gorgeous and amazing little things, but for now I'm calling them 'upsicles.' (And Joe, who just wandered in and read this, has decided that it was indeed the water trough fairies.)

This is also where and when
this leaf photo was taken.


  1. Looks like ice -- but instead of being from an eve, it grew up by being dripped on from above...


  2. Can only guess: Ice stalagmite? (Is there such a thing?)

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  4. It looks like some sort of ice eruption ... how incredibly cool! Been reading your blog a while, just posted a link to it on mine. Haven't tried any of your recipes yet, but that lentil & sausage stew is calling my name. Love your photos, as well! I'm of the opinion that New England is the prettiest section of the country (having lived in them all), but I must say, your photos make the midwest look beautiful!

  5. Off topic - love the whimsical new banner (or it might not be SO new, I usually read via RSS) but where are the llamas?

  6. I agree with cookiecrumb, whatever caused it to happen is very freaky

  7. hmmm. some kind of fairy popsicle created by bored water-trough fairies?

    I like the ice stalagmite suggestion too...although wind would seem to be a logical explanation. That or a branch that fell into the trough? Although with the guard on top, that seems the least, I definitely think it was the water trough fairies making popsicles.


  8. I'm just gonna blame cookiecrumb

  9. Very cool! I have no idea how it happened though! And I *love* the banner, so cute. :)

  10. stalagmite.. but how.. maybe those llamas did that.

  11. I'd say that something that's at least 4-5 inches tall and has holes was sitting on top of the (water bowl for a very thirsty puppy?) thing with the icemites sticking out of it. Then it rained and froze, afer which you removed the holey thing, leaving the icemites and some very cool pictures.

    It's either that or anti-gravity snot from Gollum, hidden under the ice.

  12. I go with emma - water trough fairies!!

  13. Hmm think it's a sheepsie drinking fountain with several little sprinkling thingies to quench their thirst, and you forgot to turn it off for the night and hey presto icemites!
    Yes!! I win!! LOL

  14. That is so cool. I wondered about it when I saw the slanted ones. Knew my theory was "whipped away" at that point. LOL

    Happy Thanksgiving Farmgirl!

  15. As a former farmgirl who grew up in Minnesota, I can say that cold+wind+water can result in some amazing formations. Water can indeed freeze in the blink of an eye - a frozen waterfall is an amazing sight. I love the "upsicle" word, and the thought of fairy popsicles is so your blog, keep it up!

  16. Wow. It's so cold and wet that the wind is blowing out upside down icicles...because the water freezes instantly...hmm. I don't think Missouri is the place for me!Reminds me of that movie, The Day After Tomorrow!

  17. I *so* was gonna guess it was the wind. No, really. Would I lie?? Wait, don't answer that....

    Those are some of the most interesting ice formations I've ever seen.

  18. Here's a scientific explanation for how this happens. Not as fun as water-trough fairies or Gollum-snot, but science is fun too!

  19. My guess is you`ll find small pieces of
    organic material.Pine
    needles,Grass ect. in
    each formation. as dew
    forms on same. compounded by temp. variations (uneven cooling rates)from water caught in the w tank sections & tank.
    fairie fickles.Ain`t
    nature grand.


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