Tuesday, November 1

Daily Farm Photo: 11/1/05

Good Morning


  1. Wow that is a great sunrise!

    There ain't many leaves left!

  2. Susan,

    7:00am is too damned early to be composing photographs.

  3. Morning Susan! Hope you have a good day! It's pretty here this morning too.. and I was going to post my sunrise here but I was a ditz and didnt turn off my camera last night so the battery is not going to stand up to uploading it to the computer for a bit.

    Many blessings!

  4. I went on vacation for a few days last week. We went to a Farmer's Market and saw a wool lady there. She sells wool from both sheep and angora rabbits. Do you sell your wool for spinning?

  5. Very beautiful morning, indeed!

  6. Nice sunrise there. We had a perfect northwest morning-- cloud and rain. It is nice to see the bright morning there in the midwest.

  7. Hi Clare,
    It's been pretty windy lately, and a lot of the leaves suddenly blew off the trees. It's starting to look like winter already!

    Hi Amy,
    : )

    Hi Kevin,
    I know. But I figured it was too early to make a Reuben sandwich. Plus, you know, the sunrise thing pretty much always happens early. : )

    Hi Heather,
    Oh the woes of living with our high tech gadgets. : )

    Hi vlb5757 (am I allowed to call you Vickie? : ),
    My original plan when I first acquired sheep was to learn to dye and spin wool (I already know how to knit). I also was interested in naturally colored wool, hence the black sheep that keep popping up once in a while (I started with a black ram).

    Things around here don't always go as planned, though (lol), and so far all I've learned to do with the sheep (as I've mentioned before, I'm sure) is cater to their every whim and, well, eat them.

    Since the breeds we raise (mostly Hampshire and Suffolk) are considered 'meat' sheep, their wool is not soft and fine kind that is found on other breeds and is prized by spinners. This year I had planned to give our wool to a friend (who did get around to learning how to spin), and who wanted to make some saddle blankets (coarse wool would be fine for them). So after the sheep were sheared we packed up 13 big bags of wool and carefully set them aside for her out of the weather. Meanwhile, the sheep got into them, and, well, I think it's easier if you just take a look at this. So no saddle blankets this year, just a big wooly (but cozy looking) mess. There's always next year. : )

    Hi Sonia,
    I love those subtle pastel colors. : )

    Hi Rexroth's Daughter,
    We had that yesterday. : )

    Hi Karen,
    Why thank you. Always nice to hear from you. : )

  8. Yes, you can call me Vickie, just not late for dinner. Sorry, old joke.

    I just called a woman here in my area who teaches spinning. So I am going to see her at a fair this weekend and set up a day and time where I can learn and then buy a wheel. I love handmade crafts and since I crochet and cross stitch this just seems like a good fit. I am very excited!!

    I am so sorry to see what happened to your wool! I had to laugh. It's like when one of my doxie's gets into the trash and then looks at me like they don't have a clue why I am foaming at the mouth. lol!

    I want to own my own sheep someday so the spinning will help introduce me to what kinds of wool I need to raise. I love the pictures of the sheep and you just can't put enough of them on the blog for me.

    I hope to go to New Zealand during shearing season and watch.

  9. Lots better than my morning...which involved getting up late, dashing off for coffee, taking Maggie the corgi to "Doggy Daycare" (she is not lucky enough to live on a farm!!!!) and getting to my client's offices (where I'm freelancing a couple of days per week) in the nick of time...whew....did someone say there was a sunrise? Thank you for reminding me...I got to see it after all!!!

  10. Hello!

    I wanted to let you know that I tried your green tomato relish recipe today. Hubs and I had some at dinner on top of our rice. When I asked him if I should use the rest of the green tomatoes for another batch, he said "YES!" as fast as humanly possible. ;)

    So it will be off to the market for more onions and red peppers tomorrow.


  11. Susan,

    "But I figured it was too early to make a Reuben sandwich."

    Croissants, darling. And buy them. Then you can slurp coffee, read the paper, and enjoy marmalade on buttery, flaky pastry while staying warm and only half awake.

  12. Hi Vickie,
    I think it's great that you're going to learn how to spin. It is exciting!

    Oh I laughed at the wool on wool episode, too. How could you not? I just feel bad that I won't be able to give the wool to the friend who was expecting it--and I don't think the sheep are going to clean up that mess! : )

    Good to know you love the sheep pictures. That way I'll never have to think, "I wonder if everyone is going to roll their eyes if I put up one more sheep picture?" I know you won't! : )

    Hi Emma,
    Nice to hear from you. Glad you managed to at least catch your breath long enough to see the sunrise over here. : )

    Hi Alison,
    I'm thrilled that my green tomato relish was a hit at your dinner table. Thanks so much for taking the time to let me know. : )

    Kevin, Kevin, Kevin,
    Ahhhh, what a deliciously lovely idea (especially the warm and half awake part). Unfortunately I think you must have me confused with someone who lives in Paris--or at least someplace where you can actually buy a croissant. : )

    P.S. And nice girls don't 'slurp' their coffee, dear. We sip it.

  13. breathless.. sunrise... such inspiration....

  14. can I post some of your pics for others to see on my blog? Thank you babybull40

  15. Hi BabyBull40,
    While I am flattered that you like my photos so much, the fact is that all of my photos are my own original works of art. They are copyright by me and belong to me. With that in mind, I ask that you (and anyone else) please not copy and use my photos on blogs/websites or in any other manner.

    If someone would like to post a specific photo of mine on their blog/website for a specific reason, please email me for consent: farmgirlfare AT gmail DOT com. Thank you for your understanding and for complying with my request.


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