Thursday, November 10

Hearts & Cats For Clare & Kiri

This weekend will be the 23rd edition of Weekend Cat Blogging (WCB), a fun event that has grown by leaps and bounds due mainly to my dear friend Clare's nonstop enthusiasm and love of cats. If you haven't already heard, Clare has been in the hospital for the past week after having been seriously injured while trying to save herself and her amazing cat Kiri from an attacking dog. (Click here to read my earlier post about this tragic incident.)

WCB#23 will be a special Get Well Soon Edition for Clare and Kiri. On top of everything else, Clare has not only had to subsist on despicable hospital food, but she has also been apart from Kiri, who is no doubt frantically wondering what is going on.

You can e-send them flowers, get well cards, chocolate (which always makes anyone feel better), cute little antics from your kitties, food, or anything you think would cheer them up via your WCB post (how about a photo of your cat holding a copy of one of your favorite recipes in its mouth?). Don't have a cat? We'd still love to have you join in--the more the merrier. I doubt Clare has ever met a food, plant, or animal she didn't immediately love, so don't worry if there's no cat in your Weekend Cat Blogging.

Boo at Masak-Masak in Malaysia (who did a fabulous job hosting last week's WCB) has graciously offered to act as guest host once again. Please leave the permalink to your WCB#23 post in a comment at Masak-Masak.

Clare's sweetheart Casey has been posting updates about her here at Eat Stuff. The last I heard, Clare was hoping to come home tonight or tomorrow. Casey also said that he printed out the wonderful comments everyone has left for her on Eat Stuff, and she has been reading them over and over and over. I'm sure that all of the heartfelt wishes she will receive from this special Weekend Cat Blogging will have her happily speeding down the road to recovery with Kiri by her side!


  1. lovely post!
    thanks for letting us know what you know.

  2. Thanks for letting me know!

  3. I have three little darlings who would love to send some electronic fuzz her way. Thanks, farmgirl!

  4. Hi Wendy,

    Hi Kirk,
    Welcome to the farm!

    Hi Barbara,
    Can't wait to see the surprise. : )

    Hi S'kat,
    'Electronic fuzz'--I love it. : )

  5. I have read through the posts but can't find the rules. Will posting something up on Sunday be too late?
    Do we have all weekend to do the WCB, or it just a saturday thing?
    sam x
    PS I have a special cat post from France to prepare, but wont be able to do it till I get back to the US, now.

  6. Hi Sam,
    The WCB is a pretty relaxed affair. Anytime you can get your post up will be absolutely fine. When you do, just leave the permalink in a comment for Boo at Masak-Masak and she will add it to the roundup. I'm so glad you're joining us this weekend! : )


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