Friday, November 4

Daily Farm Photo: 11/4/05

Three Blustery Days Later. . .

This Is How My Favorite View Looks

here to see it a week earlier.


  1. nice, i love fall... and yes, i do know what time it is...

  2. I am sitting here drinking my tea thinking how I love fall and the pictures just confirm that. The weather here on Sunday will be 80 degrees! What happened to fall on the east coast??

  3. In the first picture, that big tree in the middle looks like an elephant. :)

  4. Everything looks tired. But then, it is fall and time for "nature" to sleep here for us in the Northern Hemisphere. I am looking forward to seeing it if snows there. I know where I was at in Arkansas we got snow once -- 18 inches of it! And it rarely snows there.
    Weather here for the next three days is going to be nice and beautiful.

  5. Hi Schatzli,
    So glad you're able to enjoy autumn on the farm with me. We're almost at the end of this year's colorful show, but I'll see what I can do. : )

    Hi Kitchenmage,
    You can't fool me. You're not up. You're still up. Probably on an all night sugar high from those chocolate and cinnamon rolls you made yesterday. : )

    Hi Vickie,
    It's warming up again here, too. Weird when what you see outside doesn't match how it feels.

    Good morning Jeff!
    An elephant, you say? Have you been up all night, too? : )

    Hi Amy,
    I've been taking lots of photos of the same scene several days apart. Hopefully I will have a chance to organize them and then post say four or five at a time so you can see the changes. They really do happen quickly.

    Hi Kat,
    It really has been a lovely autumn this year. We have what some people call 'mountains,' but what I call hills. Whatever you call them, they make for good scenery. : )

    Donkey Doodle Dandy has given up the limp, but he is being very needy. Lots and lots of donkey pets and hugs and (yes, if you can believe it), kisses. Poor Dan used to be the darling of the farm (and the blog). Everyone loved him. He is worried about those crazy llamas stealing all the limelight just because they're new and fluffy.

  6. Good morning Heather,
    Oh, we should see some snow this year. Not like they get in all those other 'M' states (Minnesota, Michigan, Maine)--thank goodness. : )

  7. Have you hugged a donkey today?

    *hugs Dan*

  8. Wow. The change is simply amazing. I guess I always think of season changes happening on a slower pace. But one picture at a time you are proving me wrong! And now that I have read Jeff's comments, I will have to go back and see if it REALLY looks like an elephant!

  9. you got a problem with sugar-highs? huh???

  10. I truly love your site. I've been enjoying your recipes, pictures & stories now for the past year I would say. I was even inspired to make bread and jam for the very first time during the peak of our plum harvest. (does one tree make it a harvest?)
    Thank you for so generously sharing.
    A palpable twinge of sadness hits me when I see these pictures - especially the one of your favorite view. It looks cold, dead and lonely... But that's when we pull out the quilts made by grandmother, put wood in the fires, and begin celebrating with families - time for thanks-giving.

  11. One of the fun things about winter in the Ozarks, is discovering all those dwellings that were hidden behind those leaves. When you live in the "sticks", you just can see right through them to all the buildings and things that you missed during the summer. Also, you can see deer and the like too.


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