Sunday, November 20

Daily Farm Photo: 11/20/05

More progress! Look who sneaked into the llama pen.


  1. I wonder if he's trying to tell you something?

    "Hey yo! They are eating all my chow!"


    So, what's the "man's" name?

    *grins and wanders off to get more daily chores done*

  2. Hey, love the new banner!

  3. Hi farmgirl :-)

    Thanks for your "hello" om my blog. Maybe I should write a summary of my blog on english?!
    The lovely pictures that you commented, is from a place called Tivoli. It´s a park in the middle of the city. It is so beutiful an hundreds of years old. You can see more in
    I love to see all your pictures. My mothers sister once had Llamas, they were so sweet. But the male got very angry after a few years, when the female had a little baby. They sold the baby when it was big enough, but the male kept on being cranky... I red recently tha Llama spit contains a enzym or something that is good to remove dandruff ?!!! So just get your Llama to spit in your hair if you have that problem ;-)

  4. Wow. The new banner looks great.
    It was neat to come to your site direct from AOL. Congratulations.

  5. yeah, soon your llamas are going to be earning their feed.
    how exactly did they sneak in?


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