Monday, November 7

Your Biggest E-Hugs Needed Now

Yo! Not for me. Are you kidding? Back away from the llama. Adore me from a distance.

The hugs are needed for my dear friend Clare at Eat Stuff in Sydney, Australia. Clare, an extraordinary cook with a marvelous zest for food and life that shows in every word she types. Clare, who is friendly to absolutely everyone and everything, and who always has a kind and encouraging word to spare. Clare, who is responsible for the success of the wildly popular Weekend Cat Blogging--and who talked me into heading to the auction to bid on what are now my new llamas when I had decided not to go. (Yes, apparently she has been crazy about llamas ever since she saw one on "Sesame Street" when she was a kid, and dreams of owning one herself someday.) Clare--one of the most wonderful people I have never met.

Maybe you remember the all-night Transcontinental Bakeathon she and I cooked up. You don't have to be bopping around the food blog world for long to run into her. You start to leave a comment on some obscure food blog you're thrilled to have just discovered, and who has left her cheerful mark there moments earlier? Clare, of course. Amy and I used to jokingly say, "Clare, she's everywhere!" So when she disappears for a day or two, things out there just feel very wrong. Like now.

If you haven't heard already, in a horrible twist of fate and circumstance, last week Clare was severely wounded by Kiri, the cat she loves with all her heart, while trying to protect him from an unleashed dog that was attacking the two of them. She is still in the hospital. Click here if you would like to read an update from her sweetheart, Casey.

The magic of the internet makes us feel so close to each other. With just a few clicks, we can visit someone on the other side of the world. It is so easy to forget how very far away we actually are from one another--and how helpless this can sometimes make us feel.

I know something we can do, though. It is possible to send anybody, anywhere hugs and healing thoughts just by thinking about them. This really does work. And the more people that do it, the bigger the impact. So if you could just take a minute right now to close your eyes and send Clare some help, we just might be able to get her back to us a little sooner. Thank you.


  1. Healing thoughts and prayers have been said and sent. I hope that she feels better soon. It's wonderful that we all support each other. I know she will be happy to see all her comments when she is feeling up to blogging again.

  2. *smiles thoughtfully thinking of Clare* Sending healing vibes and gentle hugs her way. Will visit her blog in a bit.

    Hope all is well with you Farm Girl! Have a great day.

  3. Farmgirl,
    I just saw what happend to Clare and then jumped over here...I have to say its people like you and Clare that make me so happy I started my goofy little blog. It is a small world and its wonderful to see how much people care about each other! What a thoughtful post!

  4. I hadn't gotten over to Clare's yet, so thanks for posting this. You are so right, it's amazing the pull you can feel across this so-called faceless internet.

  5. I was shocked to hear about Clare and especially Kiri.

    After reading Clare's blog, I see that it was a complete accident on Kiri's part having been frightened by an unleashed dog and that Clare was trying to protect Kiri.

    Hopefully Clare is doing well and will soon be home with her family.

  6. Dear Llama -

    You are getting sleeeeeepy.....very sleeepy.

    When I snap my fingers, you will wake up, and be a sheep named Cashew.....


  7. Just visited Clare's site and left some love from Wellie, Maggie and's true that positive thoughts and prayers can make a real difference...and I believe they will this time for sure!

  8. Thanks, everybody. Last I heard, the swelling was going down in Clare's infected arm and she was doing a bit better. The e-hugs are working! : )

    Welcome to the farm! : )

    You are such a nut. : )

  9. So nice of you to write this up. I visited her blog yesterday and left her a message. Poor Clare. I can't even imagine what she went through.

  10. I am answering my own question. It's Sid, isn't it!

  11. Ouch! River purrs her direction, and I am thinking about her too!

  12. Susan,

    Because you posted this damned llama picture I spent all night dreaming about riding the bloody thing. Whatever the llama's fame as a pack animal, they are not good riding beasts -- at least not in dreams. You have to sit way back over their hind-quarters and steer them by leaning way forward and tugging on their ears -- at least you do in dreams. Then you drop your groceries and they bite and they get lost.

    No more llama pictures. Please!

  13. my heart goes out to Clare and Kiri.

  14. Hi Kristi,
    It looks like she will hopefully be coming home from the hospital soon. Casey said he printed out the wonderful messages everyone left for her on Eat Stuff, and she has been reading them over and over and over. : )

    Hi Sam,
    Wrong. It's neither. (And it's not Fred or Ginger like my mum suggested either.) : )

    Hi km,
    It's helping! : )

    Hi Kevin,
    I am so jealous. I've never even dreamed that I was riding Dan. You should stop complaining (or stop eating whatever it is you had for dinner that night.) : )

    P.S. Did you happen to get the llama's name by any chance?

    Hi Leigh,
    : )

  15. Susan,

    "P.S. Did you happen to get the llama's name by any chance?"

    Nope. Neither of us were particularly happy with the relationship and so we weren't on speaking terms.


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