Saturday, November 5

Daily Farm Photo: 11/05/05

Sow Seeds In September For Stir-Fry In November


  1. Okay, November stir fry... what are you growing there? *knows I missed a meeting somewhere*

    I did get the pitas done and you can read about it here. I had a blast making them and the kids want to help in the next go around. The older kids -- that is -- because everyone likes to get involved in these things.

    *poofs back over to my blog to fix somethings! grrrr.*

    *returns giggling at my word verification box* You have to name something or someone "shzoom"! These word verifications are too funny!

  2. Is that curly mustard? Mmmm.

  3. Hi Liselotte,
    I know exactly what you mean about never getting around to doing things. My garlic that should have been planted in October is sitting on a table in the living room. (But it is making progress. It used to be a lot further from the back door!)

    Hi Heather,
    Yay! Another person having fun with pitas!

    What am I growing here? Okay, I am almost positive this is what it is. (Of course I took detailed notes. But apparently I failed to actually write them down--yet again.)

    From front left to back right:
    1. Chinese Kale--Small Leaf Kailann
    2. Michihli Cabbage
    3. Chinese Cabbage--Loose Leaf
    4. Welcome Choy Sum

    All of these can be stir-fried, or you can use the tender, young leaves in salads. They didn't take long to sprout and grow, and they are all cold hardy. This photo was taken after several hard frosts and temperatures in the 20s(F). During the coldest nights they were simply covered with an old bedsheet.

    I bought all of the seeds from a wonderful mail order company here in Missouri called Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. I highly recommend them. All heirlooms, low prices, and an incredible variety of seeds.

    Hi Jamie,
    No curly mustard in that plot, but I have grown it before. Yep. Mmmmm. : )


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