Wednesday, November 16

Daily Farm Photo: 11/16/05

Same Scene, New View: This Is Now

This Was Late October

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  1. Oh, DD, the photos are becoming increasingly somber and reflecting the true nature of November....maybe that is how the month got its name
    so close to somber.......

    Miss you. Cannot wait for our pre-Tgiving feast!

  2. *nods* Yup, its getting on "fall" now isn't it? When is the first day of "winter"? I know winter solstice is Dec. 21 or 22 usually -- after that things really get COLD!

  3. I really think that's a great idea to take a picture of the same place a month by month. Maybe I should be doing that too. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I love seeing nature at work.

  5. WE don't get a real change in seasons either.... my mum already has a few self seeded tomatoes that are already ripe (and have been for a few weeks) LOL

  6. Nice subtle scenes... I like the first picture and the beautiful morning mist.
    Time passes very fastly and so do the seasons. It's already getting quite dark now and cold!

  7. My, how time does fly. Looks chilly! It's been freezing and foggy here and all the leaves are quickly falling to the ground...winter is just around the corner.

  8. Hi Amy,
    What always surprises me the most is when I wake up in the morning and everything is covered with snow. It usually happens so quietly--no howling wind, no pounding rain (no drip, drip, drip through the leaky kitchen roof LOL)--and when you look outside it feels so calm and peaceful. This, of course, is before you start smashing the ice on the water troughs. : )

    Hi BB,
    Looking forward to seeing you!

    Hi Heather,
    According to my calendar, winter begins this year on Wednesday, December 21st. According to the thermometer and the thick frost outside, I think it's already begun!

    Hi Dining Dica,
    You should definitely start taking Same Scene, New View photos. Taking all of these pictures in general has really made me start 'seeing' so much more around me (as opposed to just 'looking'). There is so much to see--and be amazed by--every single moment. The Same Scene, New View photos still surprise me-- it's hard to believe things change so much and so quickly. But now I have proof that they do!

    Hi Shakthi,
    I had a feeling someone might bring up the Oatmeal Toasting Bread. : )

    The recipe really is coming, I promise. That post kind of got pushed back on the, uh, publishing schedule for various reasons. Soon!

    Hi Wendy,

    Hi Clare,
    I can't believe your mum has ripe tomatoes in her garden already. Wow. I have the last few of mine in the kitchen, and I've been savoring them each day in salads. It's going to be a long time until next summer!

    Hi Rosa & Michelle,
    I am constantly in awe of how fast the seasons pass.

    Hi Kat,
    I love November's colors, too. : )


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