Saturday, November 12

Weekend Cat Blogging #23: Be Well, Clare

It seems hard to believe that this is already the 23rd week of Weekend Cat Blogging (WCB), a fun event that has grown by leaps and bounds due mainly to my dear friend Clare's nonstop enthusiasm and love of cats. I remember when there were just three of us posting pictures of our cats each weekend.

If you haven't already heard, Clare has been in the hospital for over a week after having been seriously injured while trying to save herself and
her amazing cat Kiri from an attacking dog. (Click here to read my earlier post about this tragic incident.)

This special edition of Weekend Cat Blogging is dedicated to Clare, and we have invited everyone to join in, even if you are catless. Boo at Masak-Masak in Malaysia is this weekend's guest host. Click
here to find all of the links to this week's outpouring of love for Clare and Kiri. More links will be added throughout the weekend, so be sure to check back on Monday for the complete roundup. If you would like to join us, simply leave your WCB#23 permalink in a comment at Masak-Masak.

Special Additon! Click here to see Miss Domino, our lovely foster blog cat, looking for Clare & Kiri.

As promised, I have come up with some hearts & cats for Clare & Kiri. Well, lots of hearts, but just one cat. Today is opening day of Deer Season, and everybody except Molly Doodlebug is out trying to bag themselves some venison. So here are the hearts. . .

This was my first foray into cookie decorating and color scheming; you may need to click on the photo to read the writing.

And here is the cat. Why on earth I thought she would sit nicely next to the plate of cookies while I snapped a darling picture is beyond me. And no, she's not just sniffing them. . .

Behold The Doodle Damage

Many thanks to everyone who has taken the time to send e-hugs and healing thoughts to Clare during the past week. If we keep it up, hopefully she'll be back with us for Weekend Cat Blogging #24.


  1. That is very cute what you did with the cookies. And my cat would do the same thing as the doodlebug! Have a great weekend, very nice post for Claire.

  2. little miss molly doodlebug is so cute eating hearshaped cookies, oh brother.
    great blog btw!

  3. Hello FG!
    The Doodle Bug into mischief again I see... At least she's not spilling your cup of water on your bedside table? ;-)

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

    Love the pictures of the swing and field again! So pretty -- no matter the season!

    *wanders off wondering if the "s" word is in the forecast.... and if there will be a picture of that swing then?*


  4. Lovely decorating and sweet sentiments, Susan. I'm sure that both Clare and Kiri will appreciate them. Probably even more if they could taste them, but still.... =)

  5. Very well done Farmgirl!

  6. Very cute cookies! And Hamlet says hi to little miss doodlebug - he loves cookies too! :) (Not just the frosting though - he'll happily crunch on the actual cookie.)

  7. Great idea, Farmgirl! You done good, as we say in North Carolina. DB is such a cutie.

  8. Auntie Susan

    Those cookies are so cute and perfect for Auntie Clare and Kiri. I bet my brother Kits will love them too as he likes sweet things.

    Lots of love

    Boo the cat

  9. Hi Socalfoodie,
    I couldn't believe how fast she went for that frosting.

    Hi Aria,
    Welcome to the farm! Thanks for taking the time to write. : )

    Hi Heather,
    Come to think of it, it's been quite a while since The Doodle Monster knocked over my bedside glass of water. Not that she hasn't been doing other troublesome things of course.

    As far as more swing photos--I'm definitely planning on posting one when it's covered with ice. : )

    Hi Nic,
    Thanks so much. Yeah, it's too bad we have to eat all those cookies ourselves. : )

    Hi Joe,
    Why thank you. : )

    Hi Anne,
    Oh geez. I can only imagine what Miss Doodlebug would be like after eating frosting and cookies. She already zips around like a tiny tasmanian devil as it is. : )

    Hi Laurie,
    Yep, she's a cutie. That's why she gets away with so much.

    Hi Boo,
    What is it with all these cookie-eating cats? I had no idea. Guess I've been lucky I haven't had to share mine with them--until now.

    P.S. Awesome job on the WCB roundup!

  10. there my doodle monster ! I hope Clare and Kiki are on the mend.


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