Tuesday, November 29

Daily Farm Photo: 11/29/05

Autumn Artwork


  1. Are these oak leaves?
    (I love your new illustrations on the blog header and sidebar.)

  2. .. then i hear the crunch crunch

  3. I was just wondering what do you do with all fo the leaves. You don't have to rake the yard, right??

  4. any season, leaves are gorgeous. the sounds they make when you walk through a path, through the woods, etc. that's fall. even winter. still getting used to snow, though...

  5. I can practically smell the leaves. SOOO wonderful. I miss fall with a little more colour. It's just tooooo green where I am. I drank in the changing leaves of one crabapple trees with greed as it was the only bright fall colours I got to see. Thanks for the cybersniff of fall leaves

  6. Nice photo. I prefer autumn leaves to frost or snow any day.

  7. I would never rake my leaves, I think they are so beautiful when they are covering the yard. How can you resist all of those vibrant colors?

  8. Hi Obachan,
    So nice to hear from you. Yes, those are mostly oak leaves.

    Hi Rosa,

    Hi Sha,
    The 'crunch crunch' of what. . . ? : )

    Hi Wendy,
    What do we do with all of the leaves? Absolutely nothing except enjoy looking at them! Mother Nature takes care of the forest floor, and our actual "yard" around the house doesn't get too leafy. I do own a rake, and sometimes I'll throw a whole bunch of leaves into a compost bin to make leaf mulch, but they don't break down real fast and so you have to let them sit there a while (like up to a couple years).

    Hi Vanessa,
    I totally agree--leaves are gorgeous any time of year (especially if you don't have to rake them! : )

    Hi Dining Dica,
    "Cybersniff"--I like that. And you're very welcome.

    Hi Kalyn,
    Uh oh. Already sick of winter and it's still autumn? : )

    Hi Ungourmetgal,
    What I can't believe are the people with these humongous yards who rake up all their leaves and then pay to throw them away. Same with lawn clippings and other yard debris. What a waste (ha ha ha). But really, I would love to see more people with compost bins. Even if you have to wait a year for leaves to break down (and that's only if you just pile in leaves and do nothing to them, like turn them or add other stuff), there is no work involved. And then you have this wonderful amendment for your soil.

    At least some communities separate out yard waste and compost them at the garbage facilities. Often you can get compost for free or a very low price. But I do worry about all the chemically treated plant material that was put in the mix. Well, I hadn't planned on getting so carried away about the politics of leaves. I'll step down off my soapbox now. : )

    Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks so much. Hopefully I can keep it up--I do have a habit of taking an awfully long time to get around to things, from promised recipes to answering questions. If you've been visiting for a while, though, you do know that I eventually come through. And I definitely appreciate everyone's patience. : )


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