Thursday, November 3

Daily Farm Photo: 11/3/05

Even The Fallen Leaves Look Different Each Day


  1. Well, here's my chance to be the first to leave a comment. Can't pass that up?

    What I don't get is that all you have to do is post a photo and you get a dozen comments within the hour. I write a long, thoughtful prose poem and I only get a few comments. I still have a lot to learn it seems.

  2. So pretty. So many of the leaves here in upstate NY seem to be falling off the trees still green, which is definitely an odd occurence. It may have something to do with the very warm summer we had. There's still plenty of color on the trees to enjoy though.

  3. Morning Farmgirl. Nature sure is amazing in its variety isn't it? Here's wishing you a good day!

  4. Hi Pablo,
    You definitely can't pass up being first. Regarding your comment dilemma, I have a couple of possible explanations:

    1. Most people are so moved after reading your 'long, thoughtful prose poem' that words fail them--and thus they are unable to leave a comment.

    2. A picture's worth a thousand words? *grins & ducks* : )

    P.S. It's been hours and hours since I put up this picture, and look, only three little comments. Did you scare everbody away? : )

    Hi Kristi,
    Lots of falling green leaves do sound odd, unless it's frightfully windy (I can hear the wind howing outside as I type this). I'm sure there's some weather related, technical explanation for it, as you suggested. At least you're still getting some color. : )

    Hi Heather,
    Nature? Amazing? Most definitely. : )

  5. I'm your biggest fan!!

    But really, thanks for the daily dose of what I like to think of as "reality". I check your site every day, and just thought it was about time to leave a post! Thanks for the daily picture post!

  6. Your pictures would make such fantastic prints to have aroundthe house - they ar ethat gorgeous :)

    Thanks for yet another beauty, FG.

  7. Hi Lacy,
    How wonderful to hear from my biggest fan! I'm so glad you finally decided to pop out and say hi. Welcome to the comments section of the farm. You should hang out in here with us more often--we have way too much fun. : )

    Hi Schatzli,
    And she surfaces! And then she's off again. . .Always great to hear from you. : )

    Hi Amy,
    Oh. I get it. Hurricane. : (

    Hi Jeff,
    Wow. Thank you. : )


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