Thursday, November 24

Year Round Thankfulness

Every Single Day I Am Thankful For Robin

There are so many things to be thankful for.
And so many opportunities to say, "Thank you."


  1. I love your dog! He has such a wonderful and cute expression on his face...

  2. Happy thanksgiving OF.
    Hope you have a great day, I have expercienced an american thanksgiving years ago when I lived in Aspen, CO for a short time.

    Oh I even managed to procure a pecan pie here from the american womens organization here in Athens.

    I love dogs!!!!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Susan!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! And yeah, let's take all the opportunities we can. :-)

  5. Happy and Lovely Thanksgiving!

    Robin is adorable!

  6. Me again!
    Love your new banner! It's beautiful!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all our farm friends :)

  8. I'm a big fan.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I'd swear I read about you in COuntryside magazine not too long ago.

    Did I?

    No matter, you're doing it and you have something of a gaggle of admirers in east-central IL/

  9. Hi Rosa,
    I'm always amazed by how many different expressions the dogs can have. And on top of that they can wiggle their ears and have tails to wag. I think I have dog envy. No, wait. I know I have dog envy. (Though when I say something to Joe like, "I sure wish I could move my ears back and forth like that," he always says, "I'm sure glad you can't.") : )

    Hi Sha,
    Happy Thanksgiving right back at you. Pecan pie? Score! : )

    Hi David,
    Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

    Hi Jamie,
    And to you!

    Hi Sonia,
    Thanks so much. And I guess I should have started this comment with an all around: Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, too! : )

    Hi Kat,
    Oh, maybe I could have worded that sentence about missed opportunities better. I wasn't dwelling on the past in a bad or guilt ridden way. It was more like I was thinking of how often a simple "thank you" would mean so much but just isn't said. Back to that whole "it's the little things in life," maybe.

    I think I'll just swipe Jamie's words:
    "And yeah, let's take all the opportunities we can."

    One of my very favorite phrases is, "Thank you for you." But I never hear it, and I rarely think to use it.

    Oh, and I'm also swiping my new favorite phrase from you--"tumbled-together farm." I love it. It's perfect.

    I still can't believe how many amazing people I have met since I started Farmgirl Fare less than six months ago. Yes, I, too, have a much bigger 'family' now! : )

    Hi Lisa B-K,
    Welcome to the comments section of the farm! Hmmmm. Me in Countryside magazine? Not that I know of. But maybe there was a mention of my blog or something? I'd love to know if there was.

    I have a gaggle of admirers in East Central Illinois? That sounds like a lot! And wonderful news on this lovely Thanksgiving morning. Thanks for taking the time to write and let me know. : )

  10. Me again. Okay, I just changed it from "missed opportunties" to "opportunities." I like that better. Thanks, Kat for making me think!

  11. Ack! Jeff, I skipped right by you. A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and Joe and Miss Kitty and Spike and, and. . . oh rats, now I'm blanking out on the white fluffy dog. Happy Thanksgiving to him, too! : )

  12. Hello Farmgirl!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Hope your having a beautiful day there like it is here today!

    No one would ever guess that Robin is your favorite Farm pup.... Better not let Bear know that. He might get jealous!

  13. Hi Heather,
    Thank you. Well, I didn't exactly say Robin is my favorite farm pup, but she and I have been together for nearly 9 wonderful years, so. . . : )

  14. She's adorable! Thanks for joining the Carnival this week, we'll look forward to seeing more of Robin!


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