Wednesday, November 2

Daily Farm Photo: 11/2/05

New Cat Is Starting To Fluff Up For Winter


  1. I know what you are tring to tell us!
    It is really really (lots of swear words) cold!

  2. Shoot. I was up early for a client meeting and missed being first! Nice looking fat kitty!

  3. Ours are bulking up by eating everything in sight.

  4. The colder the winter, the puffier the cat. Heck, who needs weather forecasts....we have cats. I think she/he is beautiful!

  5. When you pick those fluffy ones up, they are so much lighter than they look. And when they do the warning fuzz out- lookout!
    I miss having a long haired cat, but any more than my 2 in a city apartment and I would be in danger of crazy cat lady status.
    This situation also inhibits chicken home visits.

  6. Pretty fluff butt! Mine are all getting fluffy too -- even for short hair versions!

    I wish I could grow a thicker coat myself... cold weather makes me want to stay in bed all day.

  7. Is New Cat saying what are the llamas up to, or is he wondering when is breakfast served?

  8. I think this cat is crying out for a name...looks like a Russell to me! I like his face, it's so masculine.

  9. New cat always looks so serious !

  10. HI there! Blog hopping! Great place you have here!

  11. I have been without internet access since sunday. I am sitting with my mum! We love the llamas. We haven't read all the comments, but my mum says llamas are vicious. So without any influcences from any other commenters, we here declare the llamas be called Sid & Nancy. No arguments. God Save the Queen.

  12. New cat? You mean she doesn't have a name?

    Oh....Buffy! Fluffy cat and vampir...err, mouse-slayer extraordinaire!

  13. LLamas aren't vicious! They are nice, fashionistas :)

    Gingers pretty much have to be males or they are sterile.....

  14. Cashew, dammit! Er...oops. That slipped out....I could go with Sid and Nancy, though.

    Don't llamas spit like camels?

  15. sigh. I just love orange kitties.

    I second the vote for Sid and Nancy, BTW.

  16. Hi Clare,
    Well, it was the coldest morning yet, at 20 degrees F. : )

    Hi Vickie,
    Ahem. That's not fat. It's fluff. : )

    Hi Nobium,
    So yours would be fat, not fluff. : )

    Hi Wendy,
    The Fur Forecast works for me. And he's a he. : )

    Hi Lindy,
    You're right about the fluffier ones being so much lighter than they look (see, Vickie? : ) Every time I pick up Smudge I'm surprised by just how tiny he is inside that fur suit.

    Oh, I don't think you get Crazy Cat Lady Status until way past six cats. Chicken home visits, though, would probably necessitate a call to the vet (and not the chicken vet). : )

    Oh, by the way, I have a little newsy update for you on your namesake, Lindy Chicken. First of all, she's doing fine. Secondly, being a food blogger and all, I thought you might enjoy learning some of her favorite foods. They are: cheese (preferably slightly moldy), lemon cucumbers (not the skins), purple cabbage (#1 fave), and very ripe bananas (skins and all). Our chickens probably have the most well rounded diet in the poultrysphere. : )

    As far as what she thinks of the llamas, I have nothing to report yet, as the llamas have not yet visited the farmyard. I'm sure she will love them, though. Chickens are always looking for excitement. They are thrilled when there is activity going on in the farmyard that they can watch.

    Hi Heather,
    You don't need to grow a thicker coat. Just remember my favorite word: POLARFLEECE.

    Hi Jet,
    Breakfast. Definitely.

    Hi Socalfoodie and Alisha and Karen,
    Okay, here's the thing. New Cat already has a name. It's New Cat. He likes it and thinks it is cool and suits him (even if other people don't). So, well, while we all appreciate your offering up some interesting name suggestions, they are not necessary. But I'll certainly let you know if he changes his mind. : )

    Hi Leigh,
    I know. He and J2 both always look serious. But I know they're happy and have tons of fun hanging out together and doing cat things, like well, hanging out. And napping. And hanging out.

    Hi Amy,
    So do you mean "fluff up" or "bulk up?" : )

    Hi Harmonia,
    Welcome to the farm. And thanks for letting me know you're blog hopping--all four times. : )

    Hi Sam,
    So glad you all love the new llamas. (hi mum!) But really, they are not vicious creatures by nature. They only kick butt and attack when they are faced with a dangerous predator (like a coyote who is looking for a lamb chop dinner). They rarely spit, and then only when they are very, very mad (usually when provoked). I had my other llama for six years, and he never spit once.

    So, well, even though Sid & Nancy are kinda nice names, I don't think we want to encourage viciousness in general with a, well, vicious name. If you know what I mean. It's kind of like when Joe and I needed to name the daughter of Frederica, a psycho ewe (but excellent mother) who once tried to kill me (and probably still dreams of doing so). We knew her daughter should have a soothing, calming name to encourage such behavior. We immediately both blurted out, Serena! It suits her perfectly (and she is very sweet--and calm). : )

    Oh, and um, yes of course, God Save The Queen.

    Hi Sid & Nancy,

  17. Okay,
    I somehow missed a few people. Oops.

    I assume this puts you in the "No on Sid & Nancy" camp? : )

    Hi Jeff,
    No Cashew. No Sid & Nancy. No spitting unless very, very mad (like maybe after having been named Sid & Nancy) : )

    Hi Sonia,
    Thank you. And he's incredibly soft, too. : )

    Hi Laurie,
    Ack! Another Sid & Nancy fan! : )

  18. That is some discriminating chicken you've got there.
    Some nice braised red cabbage and a bit of stilton never did anyone any harm.
    And her cucumbers must be peeled?
    What a bird!
    The banana skins are a bit worrying though. A slight lapse in taste? I guess the texture is easier to deal with if you have a beak.

  19. Okay, so let me get this straight, if that cat is not fat but rather fluffy, then that makes me fluffy too? Please, tell me I have it right.

  20. Hi Lindy,
    Okay, I must 'fess up that Lindy Chicken is not as discriminating as I probably made her sound. She loves tiny pieces of raw purple cabbage, so no braising involved on my part (and no little two burner cooktop that I've found in their henhouse--yet).

    The lemon cucumbers are served sliced (or whacked with a rock) in half: the chickens then daintily peck out all of the insides, leaving the thin shell of the skin (which they refuse to eat). It's actually kind of cool looking.

    By the time the bananas get to the ripeness point that Lindy likes best, the skins are very, very soft. My only concern was the time I inadvertently fed her one with the sticker still attached. I kept waiting for an egg to pop out bearing a "Certified Organic Banana" sticker attached to it. : )

    Yes! You have it right! You are not fat. You are fluffy, fluffy, fluffy! : )

  21. Boy kitty is really ready for the coming winter... nice and fluffy,cuddly and warm.. Such a sweet pic....


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