Sunday, November 27

Weekend Dog Blogging #11

Bear & I Finally Got The Garlic Planted

What? You thought his only job was working the sheep?

Attention Dog Lovers! It's time for Weekend Dog Blogging!
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  1. If you go to my blog you will see the dog who ate all of the garlic I was planning on planting. I promise, I feed him! :P

  2. Amy,
    Empty threats! We both know you're addicted to the farm. : )

    LOL, I was JUST at your blog, looking at your pup pic, and telling you it's not too late to join in Weekend Dog Blogging. Hmmmm. Your dog ate all the garlic? Maybe he needs a different job. Like Head Napper. : )

  3. I love how proud Bear is of all is jobs ! He is as proud of planting the garlic as he is guarding his sheep.

  4. We just planted ours too!

    I *heart* Lucky Buddy Bear.

  5. Hi Leigh,
    Yes, Bear really is proud when he can help out. He comes from long lines of working dogs that care first and foremost about their jobs. And his enthusiasm is infectious. It's really amazing to watch his instincts kick in (because we certainly didn't train him to do all this stuff).

    Of course, he looks just as thrilled with himself when he's done something wrong--like race right through the garden beds to reach me, or herd the sheep in the entirely opposite direction we want them to go. But that kind of thing happens very, very rarely. : )

    Hi Jamie,
    Congratulations. I'm so thrilled we got ours planted. Let's hope for a bumper crop for both of us!

    (And I'll pass along your sentiments to Lucky Buddy Bear. : )


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