Monday, November 21

Daily Farm Photo 11/21/05: Seeing the Moon on a Sunny Day

Are You Remembering To Look Up?


  1. I spend a LOT of time looking up. There's so much to see!

    Beautiful photo.

  2. Pretty picture! And I LOVE your new banner - it's so cool! :)

    Happy Monday, Susan!

  3. Beautiful picture - I so love looking at the moon.

  4. if you ask why i keep coming back.. other than the food recipes
    its because you have great photos of the wide country space which i miss very much.

    I looked up just now all i see is the opposite building. arhh athens

    when I was in france.. I wake up, grab my tea and just look up the skies.

  5. Yup, I look up all the time. New views daily.

    The only thing constant is change.

    Have a great day.

  6. Hi Kat,
    Yes, looking at the sky is definitely a wonderous thing!

    Hi Jamie,
    Good for you. I would spend even more time looking up, but the terrain here is rough and I'm prone to tripping. Plus in the summer you have to watch out for snakes. : )

    The other night the moon was still asleep, and you could see so many stars in the sky the whole thing practically looked white. Incredible.

    Hi Jeff,
    Glad you like the new banner. I think it really spiffs things up around here. : )

    Hi Karen,
    I, too, have a thing for the moon. It's mesmerizing, even at 3am when you're stumbling around in the dark on your way to pee.

    Hi Sha,
    I'm so glad you keep coming back. I always love your comments.

    Hi Heather,
    : )

    Hi Amy,
    Do you take a few photos at slightly different angles? Do you try moving around and looking for the perfect shot? I've seen some lovely photos you've taken, by the way. : )

  7. hi susan, just found you today, boy have i been missing out! i've lived in cities and i've lived in the country. i am happier and more content living in the country by far. currently i live in suburbia, it could be worse, but could also definitely be better! so i've made a start. i put in 3 4x4 raised beds this year, and got a coop and 3 laying hens. fraid i can't have any large livestock due to zoning laws, thats a bummer. i own my home and the 1 next door where my daughter, her husband and their 4 kids live. thats nice having family close, (well, most of the time, lol) i'm thinking about seeing if i can find someone who'd like to trade 2 houses in town for a country place with a few acres. enough room for a steer, a horse, some chickens assorted dogs and cats, oh and 7 people to serve them!!! i don't know though, i'm 62, my husband and love of my life for 35 years passed last year, (almost 1 year exactly). i don't want to do something i'd regret because of how lost i am without him, but on the other hand, i'm not getting any younger! for now though i'll probably work at becoming more self sufficient, i'm realizng how very dependent i was on michael (my
    husband) for pretty much all my adult life. i have a bunch of projects in the works, a rain water collection system, chicken tractor, more raised beds, and the list goes on!!! so anywho, it's nice to "meet" you, i'll be back. Thanks for the great recipes! sorry this is so long, i do tend to ramble! molly


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