Sunday, November 6

Daily Farm Photo: 11/6/05


Click here if you missed reading about the arrival of this new woolly couple.


  1. Hi Llamas!!! :) They are so adorable.

  2. OOOOOoooo... I wanna touch em!! Can you touch them yet?

    Heh.... Can you brush their coats? and if so, do they like the attention??? I notice that they are very fuzzy.. do you harvest their "wool" in the spring too? There are so many things to learn about your new additions to the "farm family"! Please do tell!

  3. Oh my god! The people I know buy cats or maybe dogs, but llamas? That's really great! Please keep us updated how they are doing - making themselves comfortable on the farm ;)

  4. Hi Jeff,
    No shortage of cuteness around here, that's for sure.

    Hi Heather,
    I wanna touch them, too. It's going to take a while, but it'll happen. That's what treats are for. : )

    Yes, you can brush their coats (if you can get near enough to touch them). I have a special brush for Dan (which he loves) that says it also works for llamas. They could use a good brushing; it's easy for their wool to get matted and full of leaves, etc. They can also be sheared, but in my opinion they look pretty silly wheared (especially when they are given a 'poodle' cut where a circle of wool is left around their mid-section). I used to have a super woolly llama named Rolling Thunder, but he wasn't about to let anybody brush him. He was quite the prima donna.

    Yes, there is a lot to learn about these two.

    Hi Schatzli,
    No names yet. They've only been here a little over a week. Still waiting to let their personalities show. In general, llamas are pretty low maintenance animals.

    Hi Adri,
    Welcome to the farm! Thanks for taking the time to write. I bet your wooden rocking llama was adorable.

    As far as the spitting goes, there are mixed opinons. Emma at Modern Girls Kitchen was saying that she worked with two who were spitters. I had Rolling Thunder for 6 years and never saw him spit. I was told that they only spit when they are very, very angry. Also, that trait has supposedly been bred out as well. I'm sure if these two start spitting you'll hear about it! : )

    I do know that they hum. Yes, hum. When they are stressed out or upset, they start making this humming noise. All five llamas at the livestock auction barn were humming when I went back to check them out.

    They also make a very loud 'bugling' noise when they want to alert you to danger or scare something off. This is very cool. I only heard Thunder do it once. Other than that, they are very quiet creatures.

    Well, that's the llama lesson for today. : )

    Hi Nicky,
    Oh, I'll definitely keep everyone updated. As far as coming home with llamas rather than a dog or a cat, well, you have to remember that I'm the girl who bought a donkey over the phone. You never know what's going to show up here. : )

  5. Hi Kat,
    The male has the white face. Good thing, too, as the rest of their bodies completely camoflage into the wooded hillside where they like to hang out.

    Yep, the bugling and humming is pretty neat. Of course you don't want them humming, but it does sound cool--very unique. : )

  6. I love them !!! You can't touch them yet?

  7. When my daughter was little, she added what I thought (of course, I am her mother, and perhaps just a tad biased) was the world's cleverest line to an Ogden Nash couplet:

    "A one 'L' lama is a priest,
    A two 'L' llama is a beast."

    She added "A 3 'L'ama (alarmer) is a fire."
    I do realize it doesn't rhyme, but I still think it's pretty good.

    Does this have anything to do with your lovely new llamas? Well, not really. It just pops into my mind when ever I see their long and humourous faces.

  8. Haha - I can say with complete non-bias, that's pretty darn clever of your daughter, Lindy! :)

  9. Did Dennis let you know that there were going to be llamas at the auction that night? Or was this simply a chance visit?

    They are so cute!

    Love, Mum

  10. I like the way to look us with their derisive smile.

  11. Just catching up on a few comments here (better late than never, right?)

    Hi Leigh,
    Still can't touch them yet! : )

    Hi Lindy,
    I love it!

    Hi Jeff,

    Hi Alisha,
    The good news is I haven't heard either of them hum since they moved in with us. : )

    Hi Mum,
    This was no chance visit. I received advance insider information. I even got to go check out the llamas several days before the auction. There are definite advantages to living in the house the auctioneer grew up in.

    Hi Mijo,
    'Derisive' is certainly right. They are soooo far above us--and they are the first to let us know it. : )


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