Saturday, November 5

Weekend Cat Blogging #22

Ahem. I beg to differ. Look closely, please. I am not IN the raised bed.

Attention Cat Lovers! It's time for Weekend Cat Blogging #22!
Apparently Kiri, that wild and crazy cat from Down Under is still recovering from his birthday bash last weekend (don't tell me you actually believed Clare's story about having to go to a wedding this weekend?), so Boo The Cat at Masak-Masak in Malaysia has taken control of the computer and graciously offered to be keeper of the WCB flame. Just click here to head over there and pounce on all the links to this week's cute kitties (and catch a bundle of kittens at Masak-Masak). We'd love to have you join us for Weekend Cat Blogging. This weekend send your permalink in a comment to Boo at Masak-Masak. Otherwise, send it to Clare at Eat Stuff. And don't forget to add a "Weekend Cat Blogging" tag to your post.


  1. He's teetering the "line"..... LOL I hope your weekend is as pretty as ours is! Low 80's during the day, upper 60's at nite.... mmmm purrrrrrrrrr-fect weather!

    Many blessings! And expect more visitors!

  2. Haha - cute picture and caption :)

  3. Auntie Susan

    You forgot to leave me a comment with your link but never mind, I found you! Newcat looks like he is a vegetarian, the way he is eyeing the vegies.

    Lots of love

    Boo the cat

  4. Hi Heather,
    Yes, we're having lovely weather this weekend, too. I've been working in the garden, adding to the compost bins, tying up raspberry canes, making sure there are no paw prints in the raised beds, getting ready for winter. : )

    Hi Jeff,
    Thanks! : )

    Hi Rosa,
    Thank you. : )

    Hi Kat,
    It's amazing what you can catch onto after living for years and years with so many cats (I actually refuse to admit the maximum amount I 'had' at one time, lest I be labeled as really crazy, rather than just kinda crazy.) We're slow learners, but cats are, thankfully, patient. (Like what else do they have to do? : )

    We missed Miss Domino this weekend, but are looking forward to seeing her soon. Oh, and thanks. Now certain felines around here are wondering why they don't have a cat cradle. : )

    Hi Alisha,
    It's just a front. He's really a wild and crazy guy. : )

    Hi Boo & Boo,
    Hmmmm. I smell a rat. Or, rather, a cat the size of a rat. I definitely left you a comment yesterday at Masak-Masak, complete with our Weekend Cat Blogging link to this picture of New Cat. I have a feeling someone (who was jealous because they were not in the featured photo) went in and deleted my comment. Believe me, I have no doubt she could do it. I once caught her about to list Gretel on ebay. : )


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