Sunday, November 27

Daily Farm Photo: 11/27/05

More Found Art


  1. when is the art gallery open?

  2. At night, when no one is looking, we do intricate hammered metal work with our beaks. Chickens do not care about recognition, we care only for our art.

  3. Hi Sha,
    Oh, it's one of those 24/7 kinda galleries--art is everywhere you look! : )

    Hi Lindy Chicken,
    Well, that's certainly a much more interesting explanation for what that is than the one Joe gave me (any guesses?). And this piece is hanging fairly close to your henhouse. Fabulous work. But don't you think it would be even more fabulous if you two laid an egg once in a while?

    Hi Amy,
    I live for the feedback.

  4. We're working on it. Would you like something in a nice brown tone, or do you prefer the more ordinary white?

    (We aim to please, but all this multitasking is rough on sensitive, artistic type poultry. Sometimes we may experience intermittant delays.)

  5. Oh my god. This is ridiculous. It's been so long since either one of you laid an egg that you can't even remember what color they are when they come out!?

    Whitey, you (used to) lay cute little white eggs. Lindy, you (used to) lay lovely large dark brown eggs. Think back, girls!

    Sometimes I can't believe what I am up against around this place.

    And on top of that, I think somebody has compromised my Blogger password again.

  6. My husband thinks I'm nuts for loving stuff like this.


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