Monday, November 28

Daily Farm Photo: 11/28/05

So You All Ate Turkey On Thanksgiving, Right?


  1. yes whitey! it wouldn't be thanksgiving w/o turkey (chicken just wouldn't cut it!!!!)

  2. You know it, kid. And you can tell it to LTC, too.

  3. Let me one up the others: I ate Veat!!! You'll always be safe with me around...

  4. Yo Stella & Lindy,
    You go girls!

    Yo Amy,
    You don't sound very sorry. But you might be. . .

    Yo Stephanie,
    Lindy & I have been talking, and we're getting tired of this whole farm living thing. Not nearly enough appreciation, all this pressure to lay an egg, barely any blog time. . .

    And now winter is coming, and you can bet it won't be us warming our tail feathers by the cozy woodstove. Hell, no. That spoiled donkey has a better chance of making it into the house than we do. And he's huge! The only thing he's good for is distracting You Know Who long enough for us to sneak onto the computer. (Do you have any idea how long it took us to tunnel all the way over here?)

    So anyway, here's the thing. You sound pretty cool, and we know you love animals. How about we move in with you? Think about it. You'd be the talk of the town. We are two very happenin' hens.

  5. Oh, and for those who so kindly inquired (ages ago), here are the answers to your questions, since it's obvious You Know Who is never going to get around to answering them. What is she so busy doing? Certainly not pampering us!

    Okay, Lindy & I don't yet have opinions about the new llamas, since we haven't even seen them yet. That's right. Nobody even bothers to introduce us around here.

    And as far as there being way too few feathered friends featured on all the Weekend Whatever Blogging, YES! You are absolutely correct! Like I said, we just aren't celebrated like we should be. Okay, I hear someone coming. Better get back to the cell.

    I'll just leave you with one last thought: Chicken lovers unite!

  6. well i dont celebrate thanksgiving... hi chicken

  7. Now Whitey, you remember that little talk we had about controlling our temper......
    You know who provides those nice banana peels and whatnot.
    I'm not moving to Pittsburgh, girl.

  8. am I really horrible because I had lamb??

  9. Whitey and Lindy:

    Well, we'd sure love to have's not like we don't have the room...but I wouldn't wish Eastern Tennessee on anyone I liked, human or fowl.

    But if things get bad, you're always welcome to visit!

  10. Hi Wendy,
    Not in the chicken's opinion.

    Hi Alisha,
    I feel like I'm walking in on the middle of a conversation I'm supposedly a part of. But, that said, of course you're funny. You crack me up all the time. Here's a perfect example: "A big what up to my dawg, Whitey!" Now, what the hell does that even mean? SIs it some kind of Alabama-speak? See, funny. : )

    P.S. So how was the turkey cake?


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