Wednesday, November 30

Daily Farm Photo: 11/30/05

Llama Llama


  1. You forgot the
    llama llama llama llama!!!!!!!

    Oh frosty llama!

  2. lotta llama love looming about...!

    Happy Wednesday, FG & friends!

  3. What a contented pair. I guess living on the farm agrees with them. Is their wool very soft? Do you shear them like sheep and sell the wool? I was looking through the Land's End catalog yesterday and they actually say they have Alpaca sweaters. I thought that was pretty interesting.

  4. Oh I want one -- or two! How sweet they are!

  5. Hey-Muffaletta and Po' boy, the Sandwich llamas?

  6. Your picture of the llamas is so beautiful. They look a little frosty, was it a cold morning? I know nothing of cold, I think it was 65F when I woke up this morning:)

  7. Hi Clare,
    I only bought two. Llama llama. : )

    Hi Jeff,
    : ) (I can't think of a clever response that starts with an 'L.')

    Hi Vickie,
    They do seem to be settling in pretty well. Llama wool is very, very soft. You can shear them or not shear them. My other llama I had, Rolling Thunder (he came with the name), was a super woolly but we never sheared him. I have a feeling this new female of ours was sheared. Her wool is short and looks a bit choppy. Also, at least one or two of the other llamas she had been living with definitely looked sheared. When llama prices were really high, the irony was that part of their value was their wool, so if you sheared it off, your llama was worth a lot less. Now the prices for llamas have plummeted so I suppose it doesn't matter as much. The wool is probably still pricey, though.

    Llamas have two layers of wool, and there is a way you can brush out and "harvest" one of the layers without shearing them. I've never done it. Thunder wasn't the kind of guy who liked to be touched.

    Yes, you can buy clothing items made from alpaca wool. A lot of these items come from South America (where llamas originated).

    Hi Sam & Lindy,
    I have to admire your persistence, girls. But I also have to say (regarding Sid, Nancy, Muffaletta, and--did you really suggest Po'boy for a dignified llama?), uh, nope. Oh, and LOL.

    Hi Sonia,

    Hi Doggerham,
    Good one, and welcome to the farm!

    Hi Lynne,
    All you have to do is hold up your auction card until you're the high bidder! They really are neat to have around. So quiet. So stately. So obviously above the rest of us slobs. : )

    Hi Joe,
    You know we do cute well around here!

    Hi Ungourmetgal,
    Thanks. Yes, they are a little frosty. But they don't feel it through their thick coats. They're adorable and tough. : )


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