Tuesday, November 22

Daily Farm Photo: 11/22/05

From out of the fog, a little beagle dog.


  1. love this image, beagle all hunkered over and trotting to warmth!!

  2. Absolutely beautiful, that is my kind of day.

  3. Just a short comment to tell you how much I like your new banner. And the photo again - like every day. Your daily farm photo is a daily must for me. Kind regards from angelika and gino the bear

  4. What a cutie. I'm more of a cat person than a dog person, but that beagle is very cute.

  5. He looks liek Cujo in this pic! Hee hee :)

    I just love you place, Farmgirl.

  6. FG, I have always loved beagles and I love the country so this pic is a keeper for me! Thanks for sharing and keep it up!

  7. If you ever do an FG calendar, that photo's a keeper. And why don't you do one, pic and recipe for each month?

  8. another country photo..how much I miss fogs. Maybe I should go back to UK... and live in the country once again.

  9. Hi Everyone,
    First of all, I would like to apologize for not responding to so many of your comments over the last several days--especially the ones that asked me questions. I hope to catch up in the next day or two. Thanks for your patience, and thanks very much for taking the time to leave me your wonderful comments. They're one of my main sources of entertainment! : )

    Hi Amy,
    As long as the woodstove is going, things are toasty to the mosty. Outside, I just keep piling on the layers. : )

    Hi Wendy,
    I can't resist beagle pics--or the beagle!

    Hi Ungourmetgal,
    We've had some really lovely weather--and foggy mornings like these are a neat surprise.

    Hi Angelika,
    So glad you like the new banner. I am very overdue for an e-visit with you and Gino. Where does the time go? : )

    Hi Dawn,
    Beagles are hard to resist. : )

    Hi Jeff,
    She may be small and cute, but she is one tough little dog. And you should hear the bark that comes out of her!

    P.S. Actually, her nickname is Scarface. Really.

    Hi Becca,
    And another beagle lover! Always nice to hear from you. : )

    Hi B'gina,
    A calendar? Wow, I'm flattered. Neat idea, too. Have some other ideas but hadn't thought of a calendar. Thanks. : )

    Hi Sha,
    Maybe you and Athens just weren't meant to be. I would love to live in the UK. Damp, foggy weather (even in the summer) is just fine with me! : )

  10. Susan, I love coming here to look at your photos!
    This is beautiful!

  11. I love this pictures. It looks so crisp and cool and magical.

  12. I'm new to this blogasphere world; but by some stroke of luck I stumbled across your site! Love your photos! Looking forward to reading more!!!


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