Tuesday, November 15

Daily Farm Photo: 11/15/05

And They're Off!


  1. ooohhh... I'm first. This picture brought such a smile to my face. Very cute. So...what's the line for?

  2. One two three.... GO

    Eh you, you are not in starting blocks !!!

    Funny picture.

  3. Too funny. Silly sheep.

    Have a great day FG!

  4. I love those sheep that have the white wool and black faces. There is something so ... hmm... nostalgic about them. I find them prettier to look at.

  5. Are they about to start a race?! Mijo and I were seeing the same thing in this pic! Very cute.

  6. I am putting ALL my money on the wooly one with the dark face...!

  7. Hi Everyone,
    For those who are trying to get to know individual sheep, here's a little info:

    The sheep in the top left of the photo is our purebred Suffolk ram, Leopold. He is the only one with a long tail (you can see part of it). This is the first picture of him I've posted.

    Next to Leopold is Teddy, also briefly known as Uncle Teddy.

    I think that's Zelda next to him, but I'm not absolutely positive. The tiny lamb behind her is Beattie, who was the unexpected star of my very first blog post.

    I'm not sure who the next one is, but the fluffy looking sheep in the front right corner is definitely Lucky 13, who will push her way through the crowd from the back of the barn if nobody wants to be first out the gate in the morning. She's a real cutie. (And her eartag # is 27, just in case you were wondering.)

    Hi Kristi,
    That 'line' is actually the black hose we use to fill water troughs. For some reason the sheep (who usually come out of the barn single file and then start walking en masse toward one of the fields) just kept filing out and lining up side by side. When I saw the hose, I couldn't resist taking a picture. It really did look like they were getting ready for a race.

    Hi Amy,
    You need some sheep to make every one of your mornings. : )

    Hi Mijo,
    : )

    Hi Kat,
    It's hard not to love my band of woolly beasts. : )

    Hi Heather,
    They really are pretty silly sometimes--mostly not on purpose, though. : )

    Hi Dining Dica,
    Welcome to the farm! Thanks for taking the time to write. I've always had a soft spot for the black faced sheep, too. 'Nostalgic' is a good word to describe them.

    Hi Socalfoodie,
    Well, they certainly look like they are about to start a race, but really I think they are all half asleep and waiting for someone else to lead the way. : )

    Hi Jeff,
    LOL, good one!

  8. I love your picture of the sheep. I will have to post my sheep pictures. What kind of sheep are they?


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